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Debbie 7/20/2012

2004 Mazda RX-8 Base 2 Cyl 1.3L


I started the car, it didn't stay on and when I tried to start it again it flooded. Won't start!

check engine light has been on, but the car seemed to be running good, I don't know what I should try and do to start it. I tried two more times, and waited longtime in between but it still is flooded. One time it almost started. Any advice?

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nadinebillin 5/15/2013

Remove the fuel pump fuse and crank it over and over until you hear that it wants to start, this can take quite awhile. After you hear that it sounds like it will turn over, replace the fuse and try and start it. This might take a few tries and it does take some time and patience. I found this trick after spending hundreds at the repair shop. When this car is started and shut off it gets flooded, starting with the the fuel pump fuse out dries the gas out. I always allow my car to run until it's really warmed up now before shutting it off and have not had this problem since. Good luck!


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