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cammy 3/1/2011
1992 GMC G1500 Rally STX 8 Cyl 5.0L - Engine
where should i start tracing this? right turn signal comes on when left is supposed to.
this happens when headlamps are turned on. left rear does not work at all
2 Answers
  • tnharpman
    tnharpman 3/1/2011
    What is happening with brake lights, do they work? (All of them?).
  • HPI Vorza
    HPI Vorza 3/1/2011
    Id start with the combination switch downwards
    HPI Vorza
    tnharpman 3/1/2011
    Is that your diagnosisi? Without even asking a question about symptoms/circuit related issues? You must be a much better technician than I am. Or do you have a crystal ball? Whats' your plan, replace from the multifunction switch back? Pretty expensive troubleshooting.....

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