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zippy911 10/8/2012

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 8 Cyl 5.2L


when i start my jeep up it dies immed unless i keep my foot on the gas pedal can anyone please help with this problem

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HouseCallAuto 10/8/2012

probably has a bad idle air control. First make sure that the both battery terminals are in perfect condition because on chrysler products, the idle speed control is very sensitive to receiving low voltage because of either a degreded battery or very corroded battery connections which then act like a resistor and lower the voltage just because they are very dirty at the points of contact either with the terminal to post contact or with the copper wire to terminal contact. I have had more than one of these have the stalling you detail and actually fixed it by cleaning the battery terminals, in particular, the positive.


zippy911 10/8/2012

Thank you once again replaced air control valve,purrrrrs like a kitten................. your the bomb

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