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friend ... 7/30/2011

1999 Dodge Dakota Sport 6 Cyl 3.90L

Preventive Maintenance

When I try to to start my dakota sport, I turn the key and it just clicks, why?

It clicks, but if I turn my steering wheel, first to the left as far as I can and then to the right, it will start right up. I installed a new battery, and it doesn't do this all the time, a lapse of a month may go by before it does it again, then it might do it several times in one day, or two or three days in a row, but then it goes back to starting the first time, and it could be a month before it does this again I have asked 3 mechanics, but they all say unless it is doing it when they look at it, they can not begin to guess what is causing the problem. I put the code reader on when it did it last time, but it says no problems found.

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Bill 7/30/2011

From what you have described I believe you may have a faulty ignition switch or damaged/loose wire harness connection to ignition switch, My best guess is a intermittent ground wire problem.


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