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BlueChevy 11/24/2021

1992 Ford Ranger XLT 6 Cyl 4.00L


No start, just clicks

Drove it to work in the morning fine; started and ran just like normal. Went to go somewhere a few hours later and nothing. Tried to jump it with the other truck, jump pack and still just clicking. Bought and put in a new battery, starter, cables, and starter relay but it still wont even try to start. Checked everything it might be and its all good (ignition, shift linkage, etc). Stumped, any suggestions?

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Timo 11/27/2021

Did you check your connections and make sure they are tight and don't wiggle when you try to wiggle them. Or dirty contacts. Seeing you did basically everything else (could be a bad starter even though it's new) also could be low voltage on battery due to possible alternator not producing voltage. Might not have had good connection with jumper cables.


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