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Chels 12/3/2010

1996 Eagle Talon Base 4 Cyl 2.0L

Body & Interior

When i go to start my car it SOMETIMES won't start..why?

When i go to start it, it will shut off, UNLESS i keep giving it gas and hurry up and start driving, yet if i come to a stop sign or light it will shut off again unless i keep giving it gas. I have no idea why it does this.
But it did have a security system installed that kept killing my battery so i had to remove it and then this started happening. It's like one thing after another, and it doesn't even do it all the time. Just every once in a while and it's a horrible feeling not knowing if my car's going to start or not. I've thought that maybe it's some sort of electircal problem like a shortage maybe but i'm not sure.
Also at one point my car stereo would just restart itself out of nowhere while i was driving if i would turn it up to loud, it would restart itself like 3 times then it would be fine when i turned down the volume, it doens't do this anymore but it's just strange things like this keep happening and i'm not sure what the problem with this car is.

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Chels how old is your battery if more than 3 years old i would replace it also i been told by a very smart man that chrysler is very sensative to low voltage have your battery tested and keep us posted on your findings............thank-you and good luck


tnharpman 12/3/2010

Joe makes a good point. Card are very sensitive to voltage levels due to all the electronics. Idle speed is controlled by the electronic control module("computer") and is a learned value. If the voltage is dropping to low, this value is erased and must be relearned, causing idle issues at startup. A known good battery is essential to every function on the car. Have it tested.


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