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richard boccanfuso

richar ... 2/8/2012

1988 Suzuki Samurai JA 4 Cyl 1.3L

Preventive Maintenance

stalling when driven

I have 1988 suzuki 48000 mil when drving down the road it seem to just stall then in a couple of minutes it starts up and will not hapen for five or six weeks or more

1 Answer

Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 2/9/2012

This depends on whether the vehicle is gas or diesel fuel. A gasoline powered vehicle can have this fault if the fuel pump is failing. This causes the engine to "cut out" at high RPMs, when more fuel is required. It can also fail if the ignition coil is failing. When the coil is failing it tends to overheat during prolonged driving and cause the engine to stall. Diesel vehicles can either be caused by a failing fuel pump, water in the fuel filter that needs to be drained or a break in the wire powering the injector pump solenoid.


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