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Ali 3/24/2012

2008 Chevrolet Express 2500 Base 8 Cyl 4.8L

Preventive Maintenance

What is the stablitrack system service means in Chevy van express 2500?

I mean that the message on that Van " service stablitrack system.!

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CVO 3/24/2012

If you ever see the SERVICE STABILITRAK message, it means there may be a problem with your StabiliTrak® system. If you see this message, try to reset the system by performing the following: stop; turn off the engine; then start the engine again. If the SERVICE STABILITRAK message still comes on, it means there is a problem. You should see your GM dealer for service. The vehicle is safe to drive, however, you do not have the benefit of StabiliTrak®, so reduce your speed and drive accordingly. Press the select button to acknowledge this message and clear it from the DIC display.


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