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ivispr 12/22/2012

2008 Chevrolet Equinox Sport 6 Cyl 3.6L

Steering & Suspension

Stabilitrak service warning. How to fix it

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Jimm 12/22/2012

If the system fails to turn on or activate, the StabiliTrak light along with one of the following messages will be displayed on the Driver Information Center (DIC): TRACTION CONTROL OFF, SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL, STABILITRAK OFF, SERVICE STABILITRAK.

If these DIC messages appear, make sure the StabiliTrak system has not been turned off using the StabiliTrak on/off button. Then turn the steering wheel clockwise from the nine o’ clock position to the three o’ clock. If this does not clear the message(s), then turn the vehicle off, wait 15 seconds, and then turn it back on again to reset the system. If any of the messages still appear on the Driver Information Center (DIC), the vehicle should be taken in for service.

The traction control disable button is located on the instrument panel below the climate controls. The StabiliTrak light will flash on the instrument panel cluster when the system is both on and activated. You may also feel or hear the system working; this is normal.

The traction control part of StabiliTrak can be turned off by pressing and releasing the StabiliTrak button if both systems (traction control and StabiliTrak) were previously on. To disable both traction control and StabiliTrak press and hold the button for five seconds.

Traction control and StabiliTrak can be turned on by pressing and releasing the StabiliTrak button if not automatically shut off for any other reason.

When the TCS or StabiliTrak system is turned off, the StabiliTrak light and the appropriate TCS off or StabiliTrak off message will be displayed on the DIC to warn the driver. The customer’s vehicle will still brake-traction control when traction control is off, but will not be able to use the engine speed management system. (Refer to the “Traction Control Operation” for more information.

When the traction control system has been turned off, you may still hear system noises as a result of the brake-traction control coming on.

It is recommended to leave the system on for normal driving conditions, but it may be necessary to turn the system off if the customer’s vehicle is stuck in sand, mud, ice or snow, and you want to “rock” the vehicle to attempt to free it. It may also be necessary to turn off the system when driving in extreme off-road conditions where high wheel spin is required.

When the transfer case is in 4LO, the stability system is automatically disabled, the StabiliTrak light will come on and the STABILITRAK OFF message will appear on the DIC. Both traction control and StabiliTrak are automatically disabled in this condition


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