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BobI23 5/27/2010

2002 Chrysler Voyager LX 4 Cyl 2.4L

Steering & Suspension

Stabalizer bar may be the cause of my creaking steering wheel

I had the car checked because of a creaking sound that I hear inside the car when driving slowly. I notice it when the wheel is turned. It sounds like the sounds of an old sailing ship one might hear in a movie. The mechanic stated that it is the stabalizer bar that needs to be replaced. Their quote is around $300 to do both sides and to allign the wheels afterward. My questions are - "Is this a reasonable assumption that that is the problem or do I need a second opinion? My first thought was that the steering column might be causing the sound because it is so noticeable in the car. Is the price within reason? Can I just do one side instead of two?

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RC 5/27/2010

I am assuming the quote is for the stabilizer bar end links and not the stabilizer bar itself. Yes it is a reasonable assumption. Do they guarantee their work??? If they are replacing the stabilizer bar end link (bushings), then do both sides. Are they replacing the stabilizer bar retaining bushings also? Could be a 1-2 hour job without the alignment. If you have a floor jack and jack stands, the job is not that difficult. Also, the alignment may not be necessary if your tires are wearing normal and the car drives straight. Hope this helps.


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