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Tiffany 3/5/2011

2002 Saturn SL1 Base 4 Cyl 1.9L

Preventive Maintenance

Squeaking noise while driving. Braking makes it worse. Turning off heater/defroster gets rid of it. Is it an AC issue?

105,000+ miles. Recently had an oil change done. The noise cuts in and out while I'm driving normally. No change while accelerating, but sometimes when I brake the noise gets louder OR it temporaily disappears. The odd thing is if I shut off my heater/defroster while driving, the noise disappears entirely after awhile (normally I have the heater on at low setting due to weather). A friend mentioned that it could have something to do with the ventilation clutch but I have yet to have it checked by a shop. Just trying to narrow down the possible suspects (belt, brakes, power steering, etc.).

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I have seen this for lots of years. You BLOWER MOTOR is getting bad, or a rodent or trash has gotten in
and while fan is on low, it is spinning blowing air for you, and you go to stop, the fan blades shift a little,
and hit or rub the case. you turn off the system, it stops the fan blades, and sound is gone.


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