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drober ... 2/26/2017

2002 Lexus IS300 Base 6 Cyl 3.00L


Speedometer not working after doing brakes?

So I decided to take on my first brake job recently by myself. I had never
done it before, but I thought " Hey, how bad could changing some pads be".
Well, long story short, changing pads turned into changing pads, replacing
rotors, replacing the caliper, and bleeding the brakes before it was all said
and done. I had problem after problem so I was thrilled when I started my
car(2002 lexus is300) and the brakes work great. Unfortunately, my
speedometer is all of a sudden not working. Any idea what caused this or if
it is an easy fix? Would love to hear some suggestions.

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Jimm 2/26/2017

Your speedometer signal comes from the wheel sensors and VSS. The odometer I believe is calculated using the speedometer drivers in the cluster. I would re-scan for any chassis codes as you may have an open loop in one of the wheel sensors. I would also still check your ECU-IG fuse because if that was blown you'd get the problems you're having. If you cannot get a quality scanner, you can check the wheel sensors ohmic value. Fronts should read about 1600 ohms while rears read about 1000 ohms. I do think this is related to one problem and hopefully a scanner will give you a related code.


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