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bagomes50 1/28/2013

2001 Honda Accord LX 4 Cyl 2.3L

Body & Interior

My speedometer does not work. All other instrumentation functions

Changed speed sensor and Instruments assy without any results

1 Answer

Joe Boulay

Joe Boulay 1/28/2013


Get the front wheels off the ground. Hook up a scan tool . Under generic OBD in data you will find VSS ( Vehicle speed sensor) Put the car in gear and slowly accelerate watch the VSS data . If you see it reading the speed it is likely an issue with the speedometer head. if it does not show you active data this could mean that you have an open wire somewhere in the circuit . If tripometer and odometer work and the speedometer head does not that would definitly tell you the issue is likely in the speedo head itself. Hope this helps.
Joe Boulay
Automotive Technician & Author
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