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Kevin Gowdy
Kevin ... 3/17/2010
1991 Honda Accord EX 4 Cyl 2.2L - Engine
My speedodmeter stopped working, would that be the cause of my check engine light coming on? Where is the modular locate
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  • 92bimmer
    92bimmer 3/17/2010
    I doubt that your speedometer not working is causing your check engine light to come on. If you have a place like "auto zone" in your area they will plug a decoder into your car to find out what the check engine light means and then sell you the part to fix it. Some other part stores do the same thing. You can also go online to find out how you can check your "trouble codes" with your ignition switch. Just search "trouble codes" for your car and how to check them.
  • Steven
    Steven 4/1/2010
    Possibly. However the check engine codes for model years prior to 1996/1997 (when OBD2 was mandated) cannot be pulled with the typical code reader.

    Your 1991 Honda uses a flashing check engine dash light to display the code(s) for engine conditions. To enable the codes to display follow this procedure:

    1. Connect the Service Check Connector terminals with a jumper wire *it's under the dash on the passenger side of the car),
    2. Note the CODE: The Check Engine light indicates a failure code by blinking frequency. The Check Engine light can indicate any number of simultaneous component problems by blinking separate codes, one after another. Problem codes 1-9 are indicated by short individual blinks. Problem codes 10-43 are indicated by a series of long and short blinks. The number of long blinks equals the first digit, then number of short blinks equals the second digit.

    Blink CODES are found here:
    1 -
    2 -

    And most of them are listed below:
    Code 0 and 11 Electronic Control Module (ECM)
    Code1 Heated oxygen sensor A
    Code 2 Oxygen content B
    Code 3 and 5 Manifold Absolute Pressure
    Code 4 Crank position sensor
    Code 6 Engine coolant temperature
    Code 7 Throttle position sensor
    Code 8 Top dead center sensor
    Code 9 No.1 cylinder position sensor
    Code 10 Intake air temperature sensor
    Code 12 Exhaust recirculation system
    Code 13 Barometric pressure sensor
    Code 14 Idle air control valve or bad ECM
    Code 15 Ignition output signal
    Code 16 Fuel Injector
    Code 17 Vehicle speed sensor
    Code 19 A/T lock-up control solenoid
    Code 20 Electric load detector
    Code 21 V-TEC control solenoid
    Code 22 V-TEC pressure solenoid
    Code 23 Knock sensor
    Code 30 A/T FI signal A
    Code 30 A/T FI signal B
    Code 41 Heated oxygen sensor heater
    Code 43 Fuel supply system
    Code 45 Fuel supply metering
    Code 48 Heated oxygen sensor
    Code 61 Front heated oxygen sensor
    Code 63 Rear heated oxygen sensor
    Code 65 Rear heated oxygen sensor heater
    Code 67 Catalytic converter system
    Code 70 Automatic transaxle
    Code 71 Misfire detected cylinder 1
    Code 72 Misfire detected cylinder 2
    Code 73 Misfire detected cylinder 3
    Code 74 Misfire detected cylinder 4
    Code 75 Misfire detected cylinder 5
    Code 76 Misfire detected cylinder 6
    Code 80 Exhaust recirculation system
    Code 86 Coolant temperature
    Code 92 Evaporative emission control system

    To reset the ECU (and clear the trouble codes), with the ignition OFF, 1) REMOVE THE JUMPER WIRE from the Service Check Connector, 2) then remove the 7.5 amp back up fuse (labeled "Back Up") from the under-hood relay box for 10 seconds (this will also cancel radio presets and the clock settings so you may want to write them down first).

    Also, make certain all the connectors between the dash and the firewall (leading to the engine compartment) are tight. I've had a connector disconnect after a set of fog lights were installed (a connector needed to be disconnected for access) and later came apart, causing all sorts of electrical issues. Replugging it in solve the problems.

    Good Luck!

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