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scooby7d7 3/8/2012

1997 Ford Escort Base 4 Cyl 2.00L


It has spark and gas and turns over fine but wont start. what could it bee??

when this happened it did start but quit within 5 seconds and hasent started since. i was told it might bee the timing belt and if that happend then it is a good chance that the pistons could come up and hit the lifters n bend them. could this be possiable???

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Camarozen 3/8/2012

If your timing has skipped, then yes, you could damage the valves (not the lifters normally, the push rods and valves are most likely to bend). Did it make a strange noise when it happened? Grab a timing light and see where it is firing #1 when cranking. If it is way off, then yes you have a timing problem. A compression test will also let you know however those are more time consuming.


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