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Michael 3/16/2014

2004 Mitsubishi Galant LS 6 Cyl 3.80L


My Son has replaced the battery and had the starter checked out. when he puts the positive cable on it the wiper pump

squirts water and the lights all lights stay on. The car has been sitting for awhile and he cant get it to turn over , but batterys new and starter is good, anything to help woild be much appriciated. Thank You Michael Moore

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brazzr987 10/1/2016

This sounds like you have the terminals of battery backwards positive cable on negative of battery and negative cable on positive of battery is the ignition in off position when this occurs ???????. also check your battery cables if starter was checked I am assuming positive cable was checked since a positive lead connects to starter another to alternator use a multi meter set to the ohm setting to check continuity (break in cable) also assure negative cable is grounded firmly to engine block also check the engine to chasis ground this is usually located on back of engine near throttle body and connnects to firewall on side opposite master cylinder plz watch some videos on using a multi meter in ohm setting to check continuity if unfamiliar with using one plz I stress you do this plenty on you tube or maybe Even here repost if you need further possibilities.


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