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dewayne 10/7/2012
1998 Volvo V70 AWD 5 Cyl 2.4L - Engine
What are possible causes of smoking when first cranked in the morning but ok the rest of the day?
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  • rick
    rick 10/8/2012
    First thing that points to is valve guides . They are getting worn out . So what happens is when the motor sits over night a small amount of oil leaks past the guides . When you start it in the morning it burns that and makes a smoke cloud . Rest of the day you keep driving off and on and not enough oil builds up to make a cloud of smoke .
  • mark
    mark 11/20/2012
    The PCV baffle system is likely shot too.

    is there smoke coming out of the oil dipstick? if so there are several good kits for this like a FCP groton

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