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alicat548 2/12/2013

2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS 4 Cyl 2.0L

Steering & Suspension

Are shocks part of the strut assembly? What parts do I need for a smoother ride?

I'm trying to get a smoother ride from my Hyundai Tiburon that has 76,000 mi.

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HouseCallAuto 2/12/2013

I do not think that you will achieve a smoother ride by replacing shocks and / or struts and so many people make this potential investment mistake and then are very disappointed when the job changes the ride very little or makes it worse in many cases. Invest in a tire that will give a softer ride. It is possible that the tires on your Hyundai are too rigid and that is your rough ride. Michelin makes the best tires in the world in my opinion and I believe that you will get a smoother ride with different tires. Remember, the lower profile the tire the harder the ride. You want the tires to absorb the road impacts before those forces are transmitted into the car where you then feel it and hear it. Its all about the tires. When you see cars and trucks that opted to put huge diameter rims and low profile tires on, do you think that vehicle now rides better? No way.


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