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Andranik Gomtsyan

Andran ... 2/28/2017

2008 Mitsubishi Outlander Base 4 Cyl 2.40L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Shifting to "D"rive doesn't seem to engage transmission

Recently my transmission reflects a problem when shitfing to D from park position. The car simply doesn't move as if the gear was in "N"eutral position. It works only after shifting to R and back to D a few times. Today I tried to push accelerator further and after a delay it engaged suddenly. In the meantime there are no warning signs or indicators on display pointing to an issue. Please help - what is the potential cause and what can be done to resolve it?

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mitsuman 3/20/2017

sounds like transmission,if your a cheapskate like me i would drain atf fluid. on that engine i believe you just remove a big bolt on driver side of transmission its about 24 mm or so,the biggest bolt in that area. let all fluid drain,ALSO!! CLEAN OFF MAGNETIC DRAIN PLUG!! with rag, i use max life atf red bottle good stuff. you will need about 1 gal to refill. this will not hurt anything and can only help your problem to some degree. if it doesnt you need a mechanic to look at it, gl


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