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Dave 1/8/2011

1992 Toyota Previa LE 4 Cyl 2.4L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Can't shift into gear. Stays in nuetral no matter where i try to shift it.

The clutch petal seems fine and we were not noticing any slipping. over the last few weeks we it has been harder and harder to engage a gear. and now no gears will engage from the 5 speed shifter.

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ED 1/8/2011

clutch replacement kit. The plate may be fine but something is afoot and it's in your clutch kit. It's possible the slave cyclinder has an air bubble in it but not likely. I would use a Dan arnell replacement kit. they are cheaper and disigned to take more of a beating.


Dave 1/8/2011

Thanks! I've never attempted to repair a clutch, or much else, is it something a normal person could attempt or is this something that will cost me a ton if I take it in to a shop?

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