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Dugan 4/1/2010
2006 Nissan Maxima SE 6 Cyl 3.5L - Brakes
Shaking steering wheel when hitting the brakes hard
Driving down the road 50 or 60 mph, i hit the brakes kind of hard and the steering wheel shakes bad. I've just recently changed all the brakes, they were'nt that bad and the rotors looked fine. The rotors could be warped, but I don't know. This was doing this before I changed the brakes. Do you have any answers?
2 Answers
  • jtmech
    jtmech 4/1/2010
    have the rotors turned and you should be fine
  • edchuck
    edchuck 4/1/2010
    Your rotors could be warp but sound like you need new ball joints or control arms check the front suspension. Check the the tire rods too use a pair of channel lock to squeeze on the ball joint on them. I hope this help.

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