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Pete 10/6/2019

2016 Ford Explorer Sport 6 Cyl 3.50L

Preventive Maintenance

I had a new set of tires put on my Explorer. The tires are different from the ones that came with it when I bought the

44 psi is the max pressure on the new Michelin Defender tires I bought

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Jimm 10/6/2019

The pressure listed on the tire sidewall is the maximum pressure - in this case 44 PSI.

The tire pressure listed in the vehicles owners manual, and on the tag in the door jamb lists the minimum recommended pressure = in this case 35 PSI.

So the correct tire pressure can range between 35 and 44 PSI, and can vary based on ride comfort and vehicle load.


Pete 10/6/2019

I heard somewhere once to go 10 to 15% under the max. So I think I'll go with 12.5% of 44 which is 38.5. Thanks for your help Jimm

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