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WIN 3/23/2012

2009 Chevrolet Impala LT 6 Cyl 3.50L


Service tire monitor system light on what could be the problem have new parts?

I got new tires & rotors & brakes and now I have a Service Tire Monitor System light on. Checked air pressures & all are right except left rear. It's not giving a reading, what could be the problem?

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EG9 K20A3

EG9 K20A3 3/23/2012

Had this happen to my friend once.. and basically ended up replacing the sensor. And it worked perfectly before too ... so it didnt make sense why it stopped working but it did. There is ways to fix broken sensors buy some tool kits. Is a patented product that has been designed to universally initiate all known tire sensors available in the marketplace today. The tool accommodates both magnetically and electronically triggered sensors so one tool is all you need.

In my case, I removed my TPMS in my cars, i have my eyes anyway to see it its flat or what not. I will just end up spending loads of cash on these devices.

Another way is You need to let air out of the tires, starting with the front driver and then fr right, rear right and finally left rear, you will hear two beeps of the horn at each step, at the the last step you will hear 2 additional beeps of the horn, your TPMS are now reset, go on and fill with right tire pressure (36 PSI COLD)

Arent you still under warranty or something?


rosemaryblonski 12/26/2012

got a message a few days ago that said something like " Service Tire Pressure Monitor system". That went away though when the car was shut off. Then a couple of days later a message came on "Service Traction Control" and this flashes over to "Engine Power Reduced" and I can feel the car throttle down. the messages flash back and forth. Any ideas what this is?


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