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Mike 4/1/2010
2001 Ford Excursion Limited 8 Cyl 7.3L - Engine
Service Engine Soon Light
My service engine soon light comes on sometimes and stays on for a few days then goes out. It may not come back on again for a couple of weeks. The engine cranks and runs fine. It has been serviced on a regular basis
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  • Glenn D.
    Glenn D. 4/1/2010
    lookin the owners manual and there is a section aon the "service engine soon " light. thesee lights come on after the vehicle has been run for several miles, usually more than 10, but it is an indication somehting is a miss and could be a very simple fix
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 4/1/2010
    When the service engine soon light is on or was on it means that something the computer saw was out of range. The computer generates a numeric code (fault code and stores it in the computer memory so that whomever is going to fix the problem can hook up a scanner and read the code. The code isolates the circuit that caused the malfunction and helps to diagnose the cause. Often there are no symptoms and the vehicle runs as well as always but that does not mean that it should not be investigated.

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