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Wanda Cassens Vatne

Wanda ... 5/1/2010

1998 Buick Regal LS 6 Cyl 3.8L

Preventive Maintenance

why the "serve engine soon" is on after 3 spark plugs replaced in the front of engine?

My car is 3.1 V6 engine not 6 Cyl and 3.8L.

When my car did replaced the new 3 spark plugs replaced on in the front of the engine and replaced used 2 cable wires from the junk yard, while the other 3 spark plugs in the back of the engine are not replaced yet. I started the car when the new 3 sparks plugs were replaced and it start ed the engine good and let it runs for few minutes then the "serve engine soon" light came on and can feel the engine have few taps at a time while runs, It never happens before, I brought this car in July 2009 and I don't think it have been replaced before I brought it. After the new 3 spark plugs replaced, it happens, don't know why.. Please let me know what can do about that or you know what the problems.. Thank you Wanda Vatne

2 Answers

Nissan Technical Advisor

Check the engine oil if in the proper level, it could be the oil is insufficiently distributed to the valve lifters that cause the tapping noise or the valves are sticking (exhaust). I also recommend having your vehicle scanned for DTC.


HouseCallAuto 10/5/2010

I believe that you crossed two wires or dropped a spark plug while installing it and the gap closed up. You MUST check to see which fault code has set which may expedite finding the answer. Read the fault codes with a code reader and repost with that info.


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