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Ed_Nigma 7/6/2016

1981 Ford F-100 Custom 8 Cyl 5.00L


Serpentine belt problem

351W V8 5.8L gasoline engine
Replacing 94.470" belt bought a new 94.470" belt and doesn't fit. Tensioner is good and so are all pulley wheels. Brackets also checked ok. Yes I'm following diagram and installing right. Yes I'm pulling tensioner all the way.
I can get the belt on if I make it so the fan is going clockwise and crankshaft is going counterclock wise. This is the WRONG way. I know it wouldn't cool down because of the pushing instead of pulling. What I want to know is what would happen having the crankshaft going the wrong way? Seeing as it's a non interference engine my Pistons will be ok. Do you think I skipped teeth on timing chain? How can I tell without taking engine apart oh going to a shop?

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