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  • yerruf
    yerruf - 2002 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 12/10/2011
    I notice 2 service bulletins, for the transmission and heat shield-is this at the dealers expense
    43000 miles all services performed transmission is automatic and seems to be "confused" at times heat shield rattles at various times check engine light came on 24 hours ago it is due for the 40000 miles FULL SERVICE the oil and spark plugs were changed at 40000m
    • Bill
      12/10/2011 Bill
      Service bulletins are different from factory recalls, Ask your dealer about your concerns to start with.
  • Joe
    Joe - 2007 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 12/9/2011
    • Spoon Sports
      12/9/2011 Spoon Sports
      Use a big ass pair of vice grips and use them to get the old one off. Usually, most shops, just break the thing and replace it with a new assembly.

      I know it sucks but thats what happens when its too tight on the previous oil change. just rub a little oil on the threads and the o-ring if there is one. When tightening it, just put it hand tight, then snug it a little. It doesn't need to be all that tight... and that way next time it will come right off
  • JULIO1987
    JULIO1987 - 2003 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 12/7/2011
    My 03 VW jetta wagon 4 cyl 1.8T is over heating
    i warm up my car it gets to the middle it runs good just until i drive 7-10 miles my cars needle moves closer to the red when its a line away from getting to red . i changed the water pump,timing belt,mass airflow sensor why does it overheat??? i recently changed ...
    • yboy82
      12/7/2011 yboy82
      Did you check if your radiator fan still operating well? And if possible perform a radiator and cap pressure test to detemine the condition of your radiator and cap.
  • pete a campillo
    pete a campillo - 1997 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 11/30/2011
    Would it be the ignition switch that needs replacement?
    Whenever i try to start up the car it seems to try but then dies time after time untill all of the sudden it starts then all is good till i stop and kill the motor then have to do the same thing as stated above and when i bought it a couple of weeks ago the seller ...
    • Jay Giron
      11/30/2011 Jay Giron
      1. It could be the dead battery cell that means a bad battery
      2. Corroded battery terminals and cables
      3. A bad starter or starter solenoid.
      4. Bad ignition switch
      5. last It wouldn't hurt to do a tune up to the car (Bosch wires, Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, synthetic oil and oil filter).
  • jasonb
    • yboy82
      11/30/2011 yboy82
      If your vehicle is equipped with automatic transmission you should use AFDexron III.
      11/30/2011 jasonb
      thanks a major parts store said it needed pentoise mineral oil ? 15.99 a pint vw of course recomends theres at 19.99 a pint.. i live in a college town and every one seems there going to sell you the most exspensive... one tech said i could use a syntheic ?? thanks again . this is a avenue i will look into thanks again
  • Canopr360
    Canopr360 - 1998 Volkswagen Golf - Preventive Maintenance - 11/28/2011
    Problem with the Lights (Tailights,Fog ligts and Signal) in the driver side only any ideas it could be?
    I recently replace a bulb from the driver fog light that wasent working it work 4 days and now happen this. I replce some fuse that were blown, but still the problem.
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  • pete a campillo
    pete a campillo - 1997 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 11/28/2011
    Would it be the ignition switch that needs replacement? would it be the ignition switch that needs re-placement?
    I recently bought a 1997 VW jetta 4cyl 2.0 liter GL the problem is that when i try to start it it tries but it dies, like is missing a connection to something after several tries it starts then it runs good untill i stop the motor and have to start again the same ...
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  • marvon
    marvon - 2003 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 11/26/2011
    How much should it cost to replace a clutch
    Currently working properly. Just want to save the money for when the problem happens
    • Jimm
      11/26/2011 Jimm
      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts. They (Rock Auto) list the replacement clutch kit; friction disk, throwout bearing, cover - from around $120.00 on up. Then, try the 'Estimate Cost' feature on this website to get a rough estimate for the labor costs for a shop in your area.
  • tito
    tito - 2001 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 11/18/2011
    Car starts sometimes and sometimes fuel pump doesnt work
    Sometimes it runs fine and then all the sudden the next time it doesn't start sounds like the fuel pump doesnt turn on. Already changed the fuel filter and it still does the same thing. This started about in Aug, it did it once and worked for over a month in half ...
    • yboy82
      11/18/2011 yboy82
      First diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool/code reader to determine what the stored troublecode is. And then check the condition of your fuel pump relay.
  • Al G
    Al G - 2004 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 11/12/2011
    My car is using 30% more gas than normal. Any suggestions why this is happening?
    Car has 81,000 miles.
    • Jimm
      11/12/2011 Jimm
      Several possibilities; faulty / worn spark plus, faulty / worn spark plug wires, faulty / clogged air filter, dirty throttle body, dirty mass air flow (MAF) sensor, dirty / clogged fuel filter, tire pressure too low, tires not aligned properly, brakes dragging, fuel system leak - to list a few factors.
      11/12/2011 Al G
      Thanks Jimm, that's really helpful info!
  • Lea
    Lea - 2002 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 11/6/2011
    My flashers just start flashing on their own when I'm driving & when just parked and off. Help!
    It doesn't happen all the time, it will sometimes go for days without happening and then in one day it may happen several times in a row. My airbag light it also on but I don't think the two are related based on the randomness of the flashers going off.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/3/2011 HouseCallAuto
      Please clarify what you are referring to, the hazard / emergency flashers or just random left or right turn signal operation without the signal lever being moved? Also, when you hear the "flashers", are there lights actually blinking on the outside of the vehicle or do you only hear the clicking associated with the flashers. Details are important if you want the right answer.
      11/4/2011 Lea
      Yes, it's the hazard / emergency flashers and they are blinking on the outside as well as the inside of the vehicle as if I had hit the button to turn them on. I do hear the clicking as well. I can be driving along and they come on or the car can be sitting in the driveway with no one near it and they come on as if someone had turned them on.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/6/2011 HouseCallAuto
      Replace the hazard flasher switch
      11/6/2011 Lea
      Where do I find it? Thanks for the info!
  • PhyllisBryant
    PhyllisBryant - 2003 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 11/2/2011
    Why doesn't my car beeps when I lock or unlock my car doors
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  • Robertwd
    Robertwd - 2001 Volkswagen Passat - Preventive Maintenance - 10/30/2011
    Engine temp on dash console always reads 90
  • Bill
    • Camarozen
      10/27/2011 Camarozen
      Perform a complete tune up and service of the vehicle, inspect tire pressure and brake components, and ensure none of your filters (air, fuel, transmission) are in need of replacement and go from there.
      1/9/2012 Bill
      I did all of the above and did not notice any difference in my MPG. A friend suggested cleaning the Idle Air Control Valve. How do I clean it and are any manual adjustments needed after it is cleaned and reinstalled?
  • Phil Mandigal
    Phil Mandigal - 2004 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 10/25/2011
    My air condition and heater is working good. My only problem is my temperature gauge is not raising up to 190 degrees.
    It occur only once in a while. No warning lights are on.