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  • dakota
    dakota - 2004 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 3/28/2012
    Change air filter and location of 2004 New beetle
      are you asking about the cabin air filter;

      The filter is located under the passenger side of the dash and is moderately difficult to access and change. My old filter was black so am glad I invested the 2 hours to figure it out, though.

      To remove the passenger side section of the dash it's first necessary to remove the raised center section, which requires sliding it towards the windshield. I did this by positioning the corner of one end of a small block of wood in the gap and gently tapping the other end with a hammer. Once loose it can be slid forward and lifted out of the way.

      Next remove the torx screws and funny washers nearest the windshield. The passenger side dash can then be detached by slowly lifting the left side of it straight up and then sliding it to the left. After disconnecting the speaker lead this section of the dash can be moved out of the way.

      Still another layer of plastic to take out: remove the 5 torx screws (2 forward, 3 aft) and jiggle the plate loose to expose the filter assembly.

      To get the filter out push the tabs of the frame slightly forward, lift the frame up, and pull it towards you. With some jiggling the frame + filter will come out.

      A couple of notes about installing the new filter: the arrows on the filter that indicate air flow should be pointing down when installed; the left and right sides of the frame extend down into the first and last pleats of the filter for proper positioning; the filter should be in the frame before placing it in the dash; it can take some finesse to properly position the filter and snap the frame in place; replacement filters can be purchased at a NAPA store, or online at if you prefer OEM

      1/16/2011 dakota
      I need the location of the air filter not the cabin filter and how the change it. Is it a simple change or is it buried in the back of the engine block.
    • marie
      3/28/2012 marie
      2004 valkswagon beetle runs for a few days then will not start for a few days it will draine the battery when off the horn will go off when car is stopped
  • cyndi
    cyndi - 2008 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 3/24/2012
    How to reset the airgbag warning light
    I changed the clock spring in my 2008 Jetta. After reconnecting the battery, all systems are working fine, but the warning light for the airbag remains on. How do I reset the airbag light?
    • Me
      3/24/2012 Me
      try driving a mile or so - if your lucky that will reset the warning light. if that doesn't help you'll need somebody with the right computer equitment (probalby your local vw-dealer). He'll have to reset the error log in your car (it'll take only a minute or so)
  • scottg
    scottg - 2005 Volkswagen Golf - Preventive Maintenance - 3/16/2012
    Central locking stopped working yesterday,put new battery in key fob,still dont work any suggestions please,
    its a 2.0 55 plate vw gti had it 12 months never had a problem with central locking before
    • yboy82
      3/16/2012 yboy82
      Does the power window switch in the driver door still control the passenger side door? You should check the condition of your switch. To have an idea how to remove the main window and door control check out this link
  • scottg
    scottg - 2005 Volkswagen Golf - Preventive Maintenance - 3/16/2012
    Central locking stopped working yesterday,put new battery in key fob,still dont work any suggestions please,
    its a 2.0 55 plate vw gti had it 12 months never had a problem with central locking before
    • yboy82
      3/16/2012 yboy82
      Does the power window switch in the driver door still control the passenger side door? You should check the condition of your switch. To have an idea how to remove the main window and door control check out this link
      3/17/2012 scottg
      thanks for your advice yboy82 if i press it ,it locks all car,when i open door manually obviously,alarm goes off after about 15 secs,when i put key in ignition and start it central locking sounds like its locked,and if i press lock or unlock on the key fob theres a clicking noise coming from near glove box,surely its somat and nowt.
  • Dréa
    Dréa - 2006 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 3/12/2012
    Do green valve caps on tires mean the tires are nitrogen and not air filled?
    When I bought my 2006 VW New Beetle about a month ago, there was only one valve cap on one of the tires, but it was green. I went into Kragen today to get a set of 4 caps, but the employee said that green caps usually means the tire is nitrogen filled. Is that true? ...
    • 63 Volvo
      3/10/2012 63 Volvo
      Yes it does on Michelins forsure.
    • CVO
      3/12/2012 CVO
      I agree with 63 Volvo.
      Recently, colored plastic valve caps have appeared. Certain automobile tire dealerships are promoting the use of dry nitrogen to inflate tires. Dealers claim that eliminating oxygen and water will prolong the life of both tires and wheels. These dealers install green caps to signify that the tires are filled with nearly pure (typically about 95%) nitrogen. In contrast, regular air is approximately 78% nitrogen. The moisture in the air-filled tires condenses in below-freezing temperatures and causes a sudden drop in tire pressure. Dry-nitrogen filling helps prevent this problem. As an alternative to green nitrogen-ID (nitrogen-identification) caps, green nitrogen-ID O-rings to be installed on valve stems under the caps, while still using black- or metallic-colored caps, are also available [3].
  • socloudy
    socloudy - 2011 Volkswagen Golf - Preventive Maintenance - 3/9/2012
    SBB VS MVP VS T300 VS AD900? Which better?
    SBB VS MVP VS T300 VS AD900? Which better? I want to buy one !So if you know the good store ,that's best to me.
    • Spoon Sports
      3/9/2012 Spoon Sports
      Could you at least tell us what these are, headphones? camera?. Im sure this is not a car, but hey, im here to help
      Spoon Sports
      3/13/2012 socloudy
      sorry,i forgot something.
      my problem had been solved.~!~
      thank you all the same.
      i just bought the AD900 for my car.because i have old key.
  • ibrahim
    ibrahim - 1996 Volkswagen Passat - Preventive Maintenance - 3/6/2012
    I nead a diagram to instal drive belt on a 1996 volkswagen passat g GLX 6 CyL 2.8L
  • djlos17
    djlos17 - 1999 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 3/4/2012
    My Jetta seems to have an oil leak.... What would be an average and or a fair price to fix my problem.... Thank you
    Oil leaks
    • Jimm
      3/4/2012 Jimm
      The repair cost will vary greatly as it depends on how severe and where the engine oil leak is coming from. As example; one of the least expensive repairsmay be the; engine valve cover gasket = part is around $ 10.00 on up. The labor may be as high as $100.00 to replace - but again it depends on the leak source, what needs replacing, and the individual repair shop.
      There really is no average price or fair price involved as there is price variations even within the same locality. You must be proactive - first diagnose the leak source, then shop for the best repair price - what your budget will allow.
      The only 'fair price' often is when you can complete the repairs yourself - at least then you have somewhat obtained a fixed price.
      Try the following steps first; thoroughly clean (pressure wash) the engine and all areas you can visibly see any oil leak or evidence. Next, add a small amount of compatible dye into the engine oil. Make sure the engine oil level is filled correctly. Then drive for a time - like normal - and observe if the engine oil leak is made more visible.
      This will help to narrow the leak source possibilities and save repair costs. Leaks can be difficult to diagnose and expensive to repair. Half the battle is knowing first the origin of the leak. Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on this website to get an idea of the leak detection and associated repairs
      You may also try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts.
  • kenny
    kenny - 1991 Volkswagen Fox - Preventive Maintenance - 3/1/2012
    Good day sir my is fox 1991 i did have a problem with cooling fan band and replace with a new one and i
    in side the relay was fused i replaced with the new one now the car dose not put on a dont now anything about electronic but i can replace the parts so can u tell me were did i do rong on the car plis Thank u
  • jettagirl
    jettagirl - 2005 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 2/19/2012
    What is the spark plug gap ac delco 41-806 thanks
    0 answer
  • John
    John - 2006 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 2/13/2012
    It's time to have 6 speed tip-tronic transmission serviced. My local parts can't get the fluid or filter. 06 vw tdi new
    Where to buy other that dealer??
    • monteur
      2/13/2012 monteur
      Do not try to cut cost here.Always use Volkswagen brand fluid and filter.Using the wrong type fluid can cause damage to your transmission.Using the right fluid but in the incorrect amount can also cause damage..The transmission fluid level needs to be checked at a certain temp.The dealer has the equipment to do the job right.Besides that ,your job will be guaranteed.this is your protection against shoddy work.
  • jimmyblu
    jimmyblu - 1993 Volkswagen Passat - Preventive Maintenance - 2/6/2012
    What kind of oil do i put in my 1993 vw passat
    what kind of oil 10w 30 10w40 or 5w30 do i put in my 1993 vw passat?
    • yboy82
      2/6/2012 yboy82
      It depends on what is your location temperature is.
  • sharon
    sharon - 2009 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 2/6/2012
    How much is a 2 year certified warranty
    I was offered a 2 year extended warranty to make up for a sales man telling me that the car was under the factory warranty when bought the car.I was told it would cost the dealership $1,600.00 but I would get it for $800.00 to satisfy me for the mistake the sales ...
    • Jimm
      2/6/2012 Jimm
      Usually not worth the upfront expense - if you plan to keep the vehicle for three (3) years or more. Shop the pros and cons of purchasing any extended warranties - check these wiebsite for more information; Consumer Reports, Consumer Guide, among others.
      Dealers may try to sell you a extended warranty (also known as an auto service contract) when you buy a new or used car. A warranty comes with a new car and is included in the original price of the vehicle. A service contract or extended warranty is sold separately and is a promise to pay for certain repairs or services. Service contracts are usually high-profit add-ons, costing hundreds to more than $1,000. If you want to get the additional coverage you can always negotiate the price of the extended warranty - the website is a good source of info.
      The service contract may duplicate warranty coverage you get from the manufacturer or dealer. Ask these questions: Does the dealer, the manufacturer, or an independent company back the service contract? What happens to your coverage if the dealer or administrator goes out of business? How are claims handled? Can you choose among several service dealers or repair centers or do you have to return to one dealer? Is your car covered if it breaks down on a trip or if you move out of town? Do you need prior authorization for repair work? Common repairs for parts like brakes and clutches generally are not included in service contracts. Watch out for exclusions that deny coverage for any reason and other terms that could cost extra when repairs are made. Failure to keep up manufacturer's recommendations for routine maintenance can void the service contract. The contract may prohibit you from taking your car to an independent station for routine maintenance or performing the work yourself.
  • Charlotte
    Charlotte - 1987 Volkswagen Fox - Preventive Maintenance - 2/6/2012
    How do i replace oil pan gasket
    • Jay Giron
      2/6/2012 Jay Giron
      Removal & Installation
      Raise and safely support the vehicle on jack stands.
      Drain the engine oil. Loosen the bolts/nuts securing motor mounts.
      Support and slightly raise the engine with an overhead hoist.
      Gradually loosen the engine crossmember mounting bolts. Remove the left and right side engine mounts.
      Lower the crossmember very carefully.
      Loosen and remove the socket or Allen head oil pan retaining bolts.
      Lower the pan from the car. If it is stuck, tap the sides with a mallet. Do not pry against the gasket surfaces.
      To install:
      Clean all the gasket surfaces thoroughly and coat the block surface with sealant before installing the gasket.
      Install the pan using a new gasket.
      Tighten the hex headed bolts to 14 (19 Nm), or Allen bolts to 7 ft. lbs. (10 Nm) in a crisscross pattern.
      Refill the engine with oil. Start the engine and check for leaks.
      Raise the crossmember. Tighten the crossmember bolts to 42 ft. lbs. (57 Nm) and the engine mounting bolts to 32 ft. lbs. (44 Nm).
      Refill the engine with oil. Start the engine and check for leaks.

  • Bill
    Bill - 1993 Volkswagen EuroVan - Preventive Maintenance - 2/1/2012
    How do I test my oxogen sensor(3 leads) with a volt-ohm-meter? I have a 1993 a Eurovan MV, 2.5L gas engine.
    I supect I may have a faulty O2 sensor(poor gas mileage) but do not have a test scanner, just a volt ohm meter.
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