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  • Peter
    • Hot Pursuit
      11/10/2010 Hot Pursuit
      I dont why you would do that but yes its possible, rip your existing TPMS (That means removing your tires on the wheel) and replace them with regular air valves. At this point im not sure if a malfunction indicator light will go on.
  • henry
    henry - 2005 Toyota Sequoia - Engine - 11/10/2010
    Crankshaft camshaft position sensors correlation.what should i do?
    when u start the engine, there is a sound like camshaft or rocker hitting and when you add gas rpm towards the red the engine begins to misfire.
      11/10/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Yes, those two sensors have a relation; the inputs given by the sensors to the ECM helps in determining the position and rotational speed (RPM) of the crank. Engine management systems use the information transmitted by the sensor(s) to control things such as ignition timing and fuel injection timing. If the sensor(s) fails it can cause problems; the engine will not have a spark or the engine is difficult to crank. Usually most modern vehicles only have one sensor, either of the two (crank or camshaft sensors). If you feel that or hear that there's something hitting inside or contacting differently, the possibility is that your valve is hitting the piston or the clearance in the valve is big. Try to adjust the timing of the engine and check the condition of your engine oil maybe low or contaminated; add oil or change it if necessary.
  • robert
    robert - 1992 Toyota Camry - Engine - 11/9/2010
    Why does my car boil over back in to the resevoir?
    It has 208231 miles. IT HAS'NT had any work on it other than replacing the resevoir with a universal one. but now it's worst than with the bursted one.
    • RC
      11/9/2010 RC
      Is the engine overheating? You still have other components in the cooling system besides the reservoir. The radiator could be clogged or the thermostat stuck closed. It could also be a blown head gasket.
  • Robust
    Robust - 1992 Toyota Pickup - Engine - 11/8/2010
    Where is my coolant leak coming from?
    My vehicle has 221,380 miles on it and I see coolant running down the right side of the engine behind and underneath the fuel filter. It then collects at the bottom of the engine and transmission where it drips to the ground. Where could the leak be coming from?
    • CVO
      11/8/2010 CVO
      A special tool called a pressure tester can also be used to check your cooling system. The tool is nothing more than a little hand pump with a combination vacuum-pressure gauge and a fitting that is attached to the radiator filler neck. To check for leaks, attach the tool to the radiator and pressurize the radiator to the pressure rating on the radiator cap. For example, if you have a radiator cap that says 12 pounds, you pressurize the radiator to 12 lbs. and wait to see what happens. If there are no leaks, the system should hold pressure for 10 to 15 minutes.
      Get a free loaned radiator pressure tester from Autozone stores. Hope this helps and be safe.
  • tracy
    tracy - 1991 Toyota Pickup - Engine - 11/8/2010
    Rough idle smoothes out at55 to 60 mph
    done tune put timeing chain on checked vacum lines no idiot lights does it cold or hot
    0 answer
  • Kent
    Kent - 1997 Toyota Corolla - Engine - 11/8/2010
    What is the issue? Engine Code P 1600
    I have a 97 Corolla DX 1.8 displaying the check engine light. The code is P1600 ECM BATT malfunction. I have done the following: * Replaced the battery (It was 5 years old anyway) * Ohmed the fusible link between the positive battery cable and the fuse box ...
    • vince^_^
      11/8/2010 vince^_^
      It is possible that you have an open in the backup power source circuit. Check (repair if necessary) the harness or connector between your battery and EFI fuse, and EFI fuse and ECM.
  • Tammye143
    Tammye143 - 1995 Toyota Tercel - Engine - 11/8/2010
    Could I have a defective wire in the alternator wiring harness?
    I have a new battery and alternator, but when I take the battery cable loose the car goes dead. It should keep running if the alternator is charging, right?
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/6/2010 HouseCallAuto
      This method should not be used as an alternator tester as it has the potential to destroy the vehicle computer. Attach a voltmeter to the pos and neg battery terminals and see what the charge rate is. It should be about 14.0 volts. If it is reading 12 point something then this verifies that you are not charging. Check the 5A fuse marked ALT-S and check the 10 amp fuse marked GAUGE.
    • Bill
      11/6/2010 Bill
      So what your saying is if your battery goes dead while driving your micro-computer chip could be destroyed?
      11/6/2010 CVO
      Using an old method to test an alternator by removing the battery cables was wrong. A POWER SURGE could lead a potential to destroy the computer, that what's Master HCA means. Hope this helps and be safe.
      11/6/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Thanks pal.
    • Bill
      11/6/2010 Bill
      your all full of yourselves
    • Oxides
      11/6/2010 Oxides
      HCA is awesome and you are someone who cannot understand plain english. if you disconnect a battery cable while the car is running on a computer controlled car, it can lead to serious damage.
    • Bill
      11/7/2010 Bill
      Ok being sane again. Since this isn't helping with the question before us and all the damage has already been done according to the masters, how about lets try some things. 1st we know its not reading between 13.5 and 14 volts because it wont keep the engine running right? My guess is moisture got down into the alternator connections shorting them out, or into the stator windings or field brushes causing problems. I would probably disconnect and dry all connections to alternator and if possible use high pressure air to blow out and dry internal parts of alternator. Of course the battery negative terminal should be disconnected before doing this for safety. After sure about dryness, reconnect alternator and battery in that order and try starting. You can buy a voltmeter very cheaply to check voltage level across battery terminals to verify if Proper output from alternator/regulator. And check fusible link on positive battery cable for continuity (open short) . Even though the masters are probably correct that 1 in a 100 micro computers could have ill affects I don't believe you hurt anything because there was no power surge because the alternator was not outputting current. I've personally not blamed computer failure on this action since there are current spikes and static grounding constantly in ignition systems. In older and newer systems, the triodes,capacitors and 1 way diodes are there to protect against surges. HCA could be awesome but not infallible.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/8/2010 HouseCallAuto
      I did not state that there was a high probability that damage was done as a result of disconnecting a cable but I wanted to not promote this same method for other people reading this post in the future and have them think it is an accepted protocol to check an alternator. The original poster has not even commented since this was first answered so this thread simply becomes good information for future reference. The fuses I mentioned may have been the cause of the no-charging, we will likely never know.
      11/8/2010 Tammye143
      Thanks for all the info. I did check and replace the 5A fuse and also there was a 100A alternator fuse under the hood which I replaced and it seemed to work. Thanks Again!!
  • Ted Greene
    Ted Greene - 2001 Toyota Tacoma - Engine - 11/8/2010
    I have a 2000 Toyota Tacoma truck. When I press on the gas and shift gears threre is a shudder in the engine, as if the
    gas is not getting to the motor. After a moment it kicks in and accelerates. I recenlty took the truck to the mechanic as he said it need a tune up and cleaned the fule injectors. I worked fine for a week but now the problems has returned. What do you think the ...
    • TechSam
      11/8/2010 TechSam
      I am sure there is one or more engine/tranny mountings broken.
  • Will Smith
    Will Smith - 2003 Toyota Tacoma - Engine - 11/8/2010
    Twice I have replaced a spark plug in the 2nd cylinder and have then experienced a momentary clattering (weeks after
    replacing the plug. When I checked the plug, the electrodes had been broken off. Inspecting the insides of the cylinder with a flashlight showed no signs of damage to the top of the piston. The initial clattering rapidly resolved - I assume that was because the ...
    • TechSam
      11/8/2010 TechSam
      Rethread, threads in the head use helical thread from parts place and use locktight on the threads.
  • regie
    regie - 1999 Toyota Camry - Engine - 11/8/2010
    Engine turns off when i let go off gas pedal. no dtc
    car starts up and dies after. but when i press the gas pedal while cranking it starts up and runs. problem comes n goes.
      11/8/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Is this happens during idle? If so, the IAC valve is failing. The IAC is designed to adjust the engine rpm speed by opening & closing an air bypass passage inside the throttle body. If this one fails, the engine is more likely to fail in low rpm. Check also condition of your air filter might be blocked; clean or replace it if necessary. Replace the fuel filter and inspect its fuel lines if pinched or bent. Failing fuel regulator is another cause of this problem.
      11/8/2010 regie
      only at start up.but this doesnt happen all the time. when gas pedal is press and i rev engine for 3to 5 sec then everything is ok. it idles no problem.
  • Rimfaxe
    Rimfaxe - 1998 Toyota Camry - Engine - 11/7/2010
    What happens when your water pump goes out?
    I heard a progressively louder grinding noise and managed to get the car moved into the garage. I stopped the car and removed the alternator / AC compressor belt and the noise continued. Then the car leaked a lot of coolant onto the floor. My bet is that the ...
      11/7/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      When water pump is damage, engine will overheat easily. Check if really the leaking comes from the pump; maybe the leaks comes from the hose ends or in the radiator. Replace the hose or the water pump if found defective. The link below is a sample procedure of water pump replacement.

      Inspect also the engine and transmission mounts if damage; worn mounts will create a grinding sound while driving.
  • ron755
    ron755 - 2000 Toyota Tacoma - Engine - 11/7/2010
    Should There be a metal sleave in the spark plug hole, or did I pull something loose when taking the plug wire off/
    • CVO
      11/7/2010 CVO
      A pair of long nose pliers or a telescopic magnet. Hope this helps and be safe.
  • Abdallah
    Abdallah - 2009 Toyota Sienna - Engine - 11/7/2010
    This car have front accident I fix allready but the a/c,fans and temperature gages is not working,
    before fix everythink was working,the dealler say need the new computer car
    • TechSam
      11/7/2010 TechSam
      Ya halla, Abdallah I think the temp sensor on the thermostat housing or the block is dead or unpluged that is why it is not sensing the temp therefore not switching the rad fans on.
  • rene ortiz
    rene ortiz - 2007 Toyota Tundra - Engine - 11/7/2010
    How to reset the warning lite
    • Zeke
      11/7/2010 Zeke
      You need to fix the problem and then you can remove the check engine light by removing the negative battery cable for a minute or two.