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  • tonymilton2002
    tonymilton2002 - 1999 Toyota Corolla - Engine - 2/21/2015
    Do I need a new value cover gasket and spark plugs wires and spark
    my car run rough when at idle and when warm it occur all the time I notice it three weeks I check the sparks wires and they had oil on them only when im at a stop.
    • Jimm
      2/21/2015 Jimm
      The check engine light is located on the dash and stays on if the computerized engine control system detects an engine performance or emissions problem.

      First step - have the stored fault codes or check engine light scanned - for free - at any local auto parts store; Advance Auto, Auto Zone, NAPA. Then, post a reply as 'add answer' with the specific code for more assistance. There may be a fault code stored in the OBD memory which may not be displayed as a check engine light.
      There are literally hundreds of possible codes - so this first step is important to begin any diagnosis
  • stevesobo
    stevesobo - 2003 Toyota Corolla - Engine - 2/19/2015
    Whats the solution for a 2003 carolla tsb # 10010314 or # 02804
    my check engine light is on and a obd 2 scanner reads p0420. i also read that the 03 carolla has a tsb regarding the model having this issue and im trying to find out the manufactures solution when this happens. thank you for your help
    • Jimm
      2/19/2015 Jimm
      A code P0420 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:
      Leaded fuel was used where unleaded was called for
      A damaged or failed oxygen sensor (HO2S)
      Downstream oxygen sensor (HO2S) wiring damaged or connected improperly
      Damaged or leaking exhaust manifold / catalytic converter / muffler / exhaust pipe
      Retarded spark timing
      The oxygen sensors in front and behind the converter are reporting too similar of readings
      Leaking fuel injector or high fuel pressure
      Cylinder misfire
      Oil contamination

      Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are recommended steps and procedures for repairing vehicles. A TSB is issued by the manufacturer when there is a growing trend with an unanticipated problems, but does not warrant a recall.
      Most repair shops and dealers can look up TSB information to get the recommended repairs from the manufacturer.
  • kyle
    kyle - 1992 Toyota Tercel - Engine - 2/17/2015
    Were is the fuel pump cut off switch and relay or fuse?
    cannot locate
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  • kyle
    kyle - 1992 Toyota Tercel - Engine - 2/17/2015
    New fuel pump not kicking on cant find fuel pump cut off switch or relay to test?
    fuel pump does not turn on at all
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  • allen
    allen - 2005 Toyota Tacoma - Engine - 2/16/2015
    Have a 335 code for crank pos. sensor. replaced sensor still have same code and problem.
    truck hesitates , like timing is bad.
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  • Luis A. Martinez
    Luis A. Martinez - 2001 Toyota RAV4 - Engine - 2/15/2015
    First battery light turns bright
    av 4 2001 diagnostics the engine start but no A/C, no radio, I cant change from parking to drive
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  • Vic
    Vic - 2000 Toyota Echo - Engine - 2/13/2015
    The car wouldn't start. It is completely dead!
    Toyota Echo 2000, 160K. After turning the key there is no response. Not even the lights in the dashboard blink. The gear stick remains blocked.
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  • Vic
    Vic - 2000 Toyota Echo - Engine - 2/13/2015
    After turning the key to start the car NOTHING happens, not even the lights on the dashboard blink
    My Echo has 160K (15 years old) . When I tried to start it in the morning the car was completely death. After one hour I tried again and it started as if nothing had happened! It has happened in the pass that the car does not start...The key turns, but I cannot ...
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  • mark
    mark - 1999 Toyota Solara - Engine - 2/12/2015
    Why cant I start my car when the alarm is going off
    the horn does not work, so i did not know the alarm was going off the blinkers are working but when i turn the key i get nothing. how do i bypass the alarm
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  • SunnyGail
    SunnyGail - 2006 Toyota Avalon - Engine - 2/11/2015
    Why won't my car accelerate?
    the check engine is on. it will crank but will not go over 10 miles per hour.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2005 Toyota Sienna - Engine - 2/7/2015
    What is the shop estimate to replace this engine ?
    the timing belt failed with resultant engine damage
    • Jimm
      2/7/2015 Jimm
      A used engine for your vehicle ranges from around $1000.00 to over $2100.00 - minus the labor for installation.
  • David
    David - 2011 Toyota RAV4 - Engine - 2/5/2015
    How do I disconnect OEM remote start ?
    I am installing aftermarket remote start and I need to disconnect OEM remote start but don't know how !
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  • dmdbur
    dmdbur - 2003 Toyota Camry - Engine - 2/3/2015
    Blower/fan only works on high settings
    I have a 2002 Toyota Camry. For the past two years or so the HVAC blower/fan would not work on the lowest setting, but would work on the 3 higher settings. Just recently, the second setting went out, and now the blower/fan will only work on the two highest ...
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  • John's Auto Repair
    John's Auto Repair - 2006 Toyota Corolla - Engine - 1/31/2015
    Intermittent loss of oil pressure
    This car came to me with the oil light staying on intermittently. I check the pressure with a positive (mechanical) gauge. Starting the engine cold the oil pressure is at 70 PSI. As engine warms drops to 40 PSI. However after running for about 10 minutes the oil ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      1/31/2015 HouseCallAuto
      I would pull the oil pan and see if the pickup tube has a blockage at the screen and if that is ok I would undo some rods and mains and look at the bearing condition. If you see the copper then that is where the oil pressure is going because after about 10 minutes the oil viscosity thins and flow through the excessive bearing clearances increases causing the pressure drop. Also, there have been cases where a jack placed under the bottom of the oil pan pushed the pan bottom up and makes contact with the pickup screen thereby blocking it. Confirm that is not the cause.
      Thanks, HouseCall. i'm going to drop the pan and check it out. I'll let you know
      how I make out.
    • John's Auto Repair
      1/29/2015 John's Auto Repair
      I forgot to mention there is no engine noises.
  • Linda
    Linda - 2014 Toyota Corolla - Engine - 1/31/2015
    Why does my screen for Audio, Back up camera, DVD player go bright then fades??
    While I am driving the screen will flicker bright then fade to duller?? Is this suppose to happen? When I took it to the dealer they said it is normal?? Also when heater is on it turns to full blast while driving?? I lease so I want to know it this normal behavior? ...
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