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    DJMAGICDJ - 2006 Toyota Camry - Body & Interior - 5/30/2015
    My floor board on front passenger side is getting very wet when running the A/C! What is your guess ? Thank you
    Driver side is getting wet also but not as bad as passenger side ! Passenger side is soaked
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  • davidforgues
    davidforgues - 1988 Toyota MR2 - Body & Interior - 5/25/2015
    How well does rustoleum paint stop rust?
    Today I took off the side skirts on my car to discover a small rust hole near the base of the rear fender. I have no money and no welder so I decided to sand it down, spray rustoleum paint hoping it would stop the rust from spreading, then I filled in the area with ...
    • Jimm
      5/25/2015 Jimm
      Once rust / corrosion starts there is stopping the spread- short of replacing the affected metal. Even the sanding and spray with aerosol will not prevent additional rust.
    • Jimm
      5/25/2015 Jimm
      Once rust / corrosion starts there is no stopping the spread - short of replacing the affected metal piece or panel with new metal. Even the sanding, bondo and spray with aerosol will not prevent additional rust, only will slow it down - maybe.
  • Pete
    Pete - 2012 Toyota Avalon - Body & Interior - 5/16/2015
    Should opening a rear door keep car from auto-locking?
    Wife came out of supermarket and unlocked car by touching rear door handle. She placed items on back seat and purse (with key) on center console. She then loaded trunk with groceries, closed trunk, then back door, then found all doors are locked with smartkey ...
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  • Black Gemstone
    Black Gemstone - 1990 Toyota Corolla - Body & Interior - 5/14/2015
    My speedometer needle won't move
    Rest of the dash works fine so it is the only needle that won't move. No info from the previous owner. How do I fix/replace this?
    • jdl
      5/14/2015 jdl
      At the moment, I don't know if your speedometer is cable driven or electric? If cable driven, check the cable. You may also have to check the drive gear for the cable. If electric, I couldn't find a decent wiring diagram.

      I did see instrument clusters on ebay for your year make and model. I don't know if they are worth the money? That's your decision? If there is a problem other than the instrument cluster, a different cluster won't help you.

      You can remove the instrument cluster to see if speedometer is cable driven, it will be obvious.
  • VanCity
    VanCity - 2012 Toyota Camry - Body & Interior - 5/10/2015
    How much would it cost to fix this scratch?
    hello folks, i hit the front bumper in a parking lot that happened to have unusual high sidewalk. how much do you think it would cost to repair it based on what ya know. here are a few pics ...
    • Jimm
      5/10/2015 Jimm
      There is no accurate method to provide an auto body repair quote or estimate via the internet. Recommend to take the vehicle to a local auto body repair shop to obtain an inspection and quotes.
      5/10/2015 VanCity
      Thanks for quick reply jim, im doing that tomorrow i just wanted to get an estimate from this site. As in would it be above 300 bucks or below. The pics are very clear and anyone with a good idea would be able to give a simple estimate.

  • John
    John - 2003 Toyota Camry - Body & Interior - 4/26/2015
    Power locks don't work with ignition off.
    Removed then replaced radio. Now, power door locks work only with ignition on; seconds after removing key, power locks don't work. Also, gauges and speed/tach spike when starting, then return to nomal. Everything works fine with engine on.
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  • JakeAnderson77
    JakeAnderson77 - 2007 Toyota Corolla - Body & Interior - 4/15/2015
    While driving, the radio and internal lights go off for a moment and then come back on. What could cause that?
    Obviously electricity is not getting to the radio and lights. I never have any trouble with my battery (ie. starting the car, etc), so I doubt that is the problem. Does this point to a wiring problem?
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  • JakeAnderson77
    JakeAnderson77 - 2007 Toyota Corolla - Body & Interior - 4/15/2015
    While driving, the radio and internal lights will go off for a moment, and then back on. What is going on?
    I never have problems starting the car - so I think the battery is healthy, so I am suspecting there might be some wiring that is failing momentarily? Please let me know what you think.
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  • Dean
    Dean - 1998 Toyota Camry - Body & Interior - 4/13/2015
    Still looking for help on programing the key fob
    " JIMM " gave me some advice but it didn't pan out. I have found the box that is under the dash . The box has a green programing button on the side of it that I have pushed { to no avail} I just need to know if there is some MAGIC words like hockus pockus. Anyway ...
    • Jimm
      4/13/2015 Jimm
      Reference this website and instructions;
  • Hunt Cooper
    Hunt Cooper - 2007 Toyota Highlander - Body & Interior - 4/9/2015
    How do you reset the air pressure alert light on the instrument panel
    it stays on after inflating all tires and does not blink. I can not find a reset button as shown in the manual on the steering wheel
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  • kssunny
    kssunny - 2003 Toyota Camry - Body & Interior - 4/8/2015
    Driver side wiper arm only going halfway up and stopping
    Passenger side works fine. Where is the bolt located on the arm so I can try to tighten it. I've read that might be the problem.
    • neal
      4/8/2015 neal
      that might be the problem, however, the inside of the wiper arm could be stripped and if that is the case you need to get a new wiper arm. did you try to turn on your wipers when it was frozen to the windshield? if so, it probably is stripped.
  • Dean
    Dean - 1998 Toyota Camry - Body & Interior - 4/7/2015
    Does anyone out there know how to program key fob
    I have seen a few videos, but none year specific .I have tried all of the methods and have been unsuccessful , so any help will be greatly appreciated.
    • Jimm
      4/7/2015 Jimm
      This procedure is for the FACTORY INSTALLED keyless entry system

      1. Start with the key REMOVED from the ignition.

      2. Locate and disconnect the mirror adjustment switch located on the driver's side door.

      3. Using a jumper wire jump pin 2 to pin 10 on mirror adjustment harness itself and leave them jumped. The door locks will cycle to confirm the vehicle has successfully entered programming mode.

      4. Press the LOCK button on the first remote being programmed(does not matter which remote). The doors locks will cycle to confirm successful programming of the remote.

      5. If you have additional remotes to program repeat step 4. If you have no further remotes to program proceed to step 6.

      6. Remove the jumper wire from step 3 and reconnect the mirror adjustment switch. Programming is
      now complete.
      4/8/2015 Dean
      Thanks Jimm, but the mirror control is on the dash not the door and the terminals are not numbered
  • arthurcagle
    arthurcagle - 2014 Toyota Avalon - Body & Interior - 4/3/2015
    Gas cover lock and driver seat retracting.
    Anyone having problem with the gas cover not locking and the driver seat will not retract once seatbelts been released.
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  • 4Runner Owner
    4Runner Owner - 2014 Toyota 4Runner - Body & Interior - 3/27/2015
    How to repair or how much to fix car dents between side window and top of roof.
    I recently mounted a roof rack onto my 4Runner and noticed after installing it I had indented some dents into the side of my car. The dents are between the side windows and above the roof of my car. I believe the indents were caused by my knees when I was climbing ...
    • Jimm
      3/27/2015 Jimm
      There is no accurate method to provide an auto body repair quote or estimate via the internet. Recommend to take the vehicle to a local auto body repair shop to obtain an inspection and quotes.
  • Chris
    Chris - 2000 Toyota Camry - Body & Interior - 3/22/2015
    The hood on my car won't open, what could I do open it?
    A week ago I rear ended another car. Today I went to check my oil, and the hood won't open. The bumper and grill are a bit loose.
    • Jimm
      3/17/2015 Jimm
      Best to check with a local auto body repair shop in your area - they are the experts in opening / removing damaged body panels.
    • Russell Balladares
      3/22/2015 Russell Balladares
      lift a the car and use a pry-bar to open it from the bottom