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  • dphin
    dphin - 1999 Subaru Forester - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 11/24/2011
    When put into drive the transmission delays in connecting attempts when the rpm
    Trans filter and fluid were changed and this did not fix the problem. Once engaged it drives fine and this does not happen in reverse. When stopped at a stop light same problem happens. The RPM is between 1000 and 1500 when it decides to connect.
    • headache
      11/24/2011 headache
      the problem is in your transmission!could be your cluch is goin,take it to the shop,theres not much else a home mechanic can do,transmissions are somthing you leave to the experts,you'v done all you can do.
      11/24/2011 dphin
      I guess I was not clearly stating the problem. The Trans. is an Automatic Trans. I am now
      looking at other options since I was able to borrow an Actron
      AutoScanner CP9575.
      Thanks for your feedback on this
  • flat tow your subaru
    flat tow your subaru - 2008 Subaru Impreza - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 11/12/2011
    How do you convert the automatic transmission drive train so that the car can be flat towed behind an RV?
    Anything can be done depending on the cost.
  • eddie
    eddie - 1992 Subaru SVX - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 10/30/2011
    How to check transmission fluid level.
    Just wonder.
    • CVO
      10/30/2011 CVO
      How to Check Transmission Fluid

      Learning how to check transmission fluid is very simple and can keep your transmission fluid levels from reaching dangerously low levels. There are only a few steps in checking your transmission fluid level. First you need to make sure that your vehicle is parked on a level surface. When checking your transmission fluid level, some vehicles must be running. Check your owner's manual to verify whether or not the vehicle should be running or not during transmission fluid check. With the engine warm, locate the transmission fluid dipstick. Most, if not all, are located at the back of the vehicle's engine. Remove the dipstick and clean it off with a clean rag. Make sure the transmission dipstick is absolutely clean when inserting it back into the transmission. Foreign objects in the fluid, even miniscule ones, can severely shorten the life of your transmission. Now, fully replace the dipstick back into the dipstick tube and then pull it out again. There may be two readings, hot (warm) and cold. You will be reading the hot (warm) level reading. Fluid level should indicate Full on the dipstick. If is low, add the correct transmission fluid until you see the level indicate Full. You add transmission fluid through the transmission dipstick tube. It is best to buy a long suitable funnel made for just this purpose. It is very important not to add too much transmission fluid when filling. Once your dipstick is indicating a Full transmission fluid level, you can replace the dipstick.
  • marc4
    marc4 - 1996 Subaru Legacy - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 10/29/2011
    Is it possible that the input shaft can brake?
    I can shift into all 5 gears, but no movement. Engine sounds fine.
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  • deadsubaru
    deadsubaru - 2002 Subaru Forester - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 10/21/2011
    '02 forester automatic. won't shift into any mode at all. help!
    I just changed the oil. Car was up on portable ramps for the job. Transmission engaged fine to back off ramps. Later tried to move car and transmission will not engage at all!
    • yboy82
      10/21/2011 yboy82
      Did you already verify if there is a stored troublecode in your vehicle? Is you brake lights still operating?
  • Jerry
    Jerry - 2007 Subaru Forester - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 10/21/2011
    Can't shift out of park
    • yboy82
      10/21/2011 yboy82
      Did you already check iif you brake light are still functioning? Your vehicle won't shift out of park if there's a problem in your brake switch and if your brake lights are still functioning well you should check your shift interlock solenoid.
  • Leon
    Leon - 1995 Subaru Legacy - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 10/16/2011
    I have a 1995 subaru legacy. I changed the front it slips out of drive @ 40 mph
    I change the front stuts. I bleed the front brakes. now when you strat to take off it feels like something is trying to keep it from taking off. whan you finally get going it slips out of drive just before 40 mph just like someone put it in nuetral
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  • Gwen
    Gwen - 2001 Subaru Outback - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 9/11/2011
    I was driving normally, then there was a clunk and the car acted like it was in neutral,
    I could shift between all the gears, but the car didn't go. The engine sounded fine. It is a 5-speed.
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  • don
    don - 2001 Subaru Outback - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 9/5/2011
    When driving on left foot i feel vibration like card in bike spokes,,,and slightly hear it
    • walt
      9/5/2011 walt
      subaru have had problems with cv joints
      do some reserch on this it may be your problem
  • ruben
    ruben - 2002 Subaru Outback - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 9/4/2011
    When i swuitch gears the stick go back to neutral
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  • candym
    candym - 1983 Subaru GL - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/27/2011
    How do i manually get out of 4 wheel drive?
    front transfer case stuck in 4 wheel drive. Lever won't release it.
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  • robert
    robert - 1999 Subaru Impreza - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/22/2011
    The A/T AWD is slipping in 2nd gear. Why & will replacing the filter correct as I was told ?
    Bought from private individual 5 yrs ago, has 197+K miles, purrs like a kitten. No clue when or if it has ever been replaced, much less the fluid. thank you.
  • willie
    willie - 1997 Subaru Legacy - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/20/2011
    Clutch works smooth first 5-10 miles. When I stop and take off again I smell slight heated clutch and it chatters?
    After the car is fully cooled off the clutch works fine again. I bought the car last Monday; drove it home when I discovered the problem. I took it a subaru mechanic and he said that it needed a clutch slave cylinder. Over a year ago a new flywheel and clutch ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      8/20/2011 HouseCallAuto
      No it will not fix it. A bad slave will cause an inability to shift into gears even after depressing the clutch down. You have a mechanical issue with the clutch itself I believe. It is sounding like the clutch disc is failing either from a flywheel that should have been resurfaced and was not or it is being driven wrong and the clutch disc is junk already. If the transmission shifts without any problem in between gears and there is no problem stepping on the clutch pedal and then placing the trans in first gear and you have smell and vibration when taking off then it has to come apart.
      8/26/2011 willie
      Thank you for your answer. I wanted it to be the solution so I had the new slave cylinder installed. It seems better, but it still chatters when there is stop and go driving. The mechanic says to drive it for couple weeks to see what it does. I ask if it hurts to drive it. He did not think so; maybe the flywheel is warped or the clutch has been abused by foot resting on the pedal or other things. I was wondering if it is safe to drive long distances? Thanks, Willie
  • robert
    robert - 1999 Subaru Impreza - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/15/2011
    Trans slipping in 2nd gear. solution ?
    • Spoon Sports
      8/15/2011 Spoon Sports
      might be simple, might be bad clutch pack(tranny overhaul), try some Trans-X in the fluid to unstick a sticky valve in the valve body(simple)...good luck

      also, check and adjust throttle modulation, also could be solenoid pack depending on the transmission/vehicle
  • Corey6966
    Corey6966 - 1992 Subaru Loyale - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/3/2011
    4-wheel drive will not disengage.
    I have a 1992 Subaru Loyale wagon. 1.8L 5-speed 4x4. My car has the push button 4-wheel on the shifter. When I got the car the 4-wheel drive worked great, engaged and disengaged with first push of button. One day i tried to get it out of 4-wheel and when I pushed ...
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