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  • Dans XB
    Dans XB - 2005 Scion xB - Body & Interior - 10/18/2014
    Is Scion responsible for a broken rear latch?
    rear latch
    • Jimm
      10/18/2014 Jimm
      Need more details - how is the latch broken? How long has the latch been broken? Have you already contacted the local dealership for any recalls related? If not, then this maybe the first step.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2013 Scion tC - Body & Interior - 4/1/2014
    When driving at speeds 50-60MPH I hear a rattle like something is loose. Near upper windshield or sunroof.
    Occurs when driving 50-60 MPH Does not occur consistently Occurs when car has been out in the sun for awhile with warm temperatures Maybe windshield seal at the top flapping in the wind? Thats what it sounds like but unsure.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2008 Scion xB - Body & Interior - 2/25/2014
    Replace headlight assembly
    instructions for replacing the headlight assembly
    • Jimm
      2/25/2014 Jimm
      First: To get the headlights out, you have to first remove the entire front bumper facade. To do that there are a total of 11 bolts (10 mm) and 5 plastic push pins. There are 7 bolts (10 mm) along the bottom edge of the bumper, remove these. 5 of them are black and the other 2 are silver in color.

      Second, There is a bolt, like the black ones from underneath, on the edge where the bumper meets the fender well, remove it.
      Once you've got that bolt out, pull the inner fender well back and inside you'll see another bolt, you have to remove this one too. Its easier to use a phillips head screw driver on this one rather than a socket or wrench.
      After you've got all the bolts out from underneath and from the fender wells, move to underneath the hood. There are five plastic push pins you've got to take out. 2 on either side right next to the head light and one right in the center.

      Use a flat head screwdriver to pop these up and pull them out. 2 of them have rubber tops on them and are a little harder to pull out, but use a little elbow grease and they'll come out. Once all the pins are out, pull the two upper corners of the bumper away from the fender on either side. The bumper should now slide out pretty easy. (if you have foglights, be sure to disconnect the wires to them.)

      Now you can start to take out the headlights, the procedure is exactly the same for both sides. First disconnect all the bulb connections. I found it easier to leave the bulbs in the housing rather than pulling them all out and leaving them hanging. There are 3 bolts (10 mm) holding the headlights into place, two on top and one on the side.

      Once these are out the headlight should slide right out. It might take a little force, but there is a tab which might have to be pried up a little bit.

      The installation is the reverse of the removal.

  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2004 Scion xA - Body & Interior - 10/24/2013
    Can I drive it a few hours away?
    I have noticed that, for the last week, my 2004 Toyota Scion Xa has been releasing the hood, on it's own. Like I will get out of my car and notice that it's cracked open a little. Now, today the maintenance required light came on. It didn't stay on, though. I don't ...
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  • Jim Foster
    Jim Foster - 2009 Scion xB - Body & Interior - 7/12/2013
    My Scion is an AX Model, why can't I find it on your Web Site. The AX Model is not shown.
    Trying to buy a Bumper and associated parts for the 2009 AX Scion
    • Jimm
      7/12/2013 Jimm
      There is the xA model listed on the AutoMD website for the 2009 Scion model year.

      For the replacement bumper and parts, try these on-line sources;,,,, or - to list only a few sources.
  • luvbnamom89
    luvbnamom89 - 2007 Scion tC - Body & Interior - 3/20/2013
    Why won't my moonroof open and my passenger window will only open with the passenger button?
    2007 Scion Tc-My driver side window works fine. My passenger side window will work with the passenger button but not with the driver side button. The moonroof won't work at all. I checked fuses and they looked fine, what else could it be?
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2005 Scion xB - Body & Interior - 12/28/2012
    How to replace coolant reservoir
    • Jimm
      12/28/2012 Jimm
      First step, drain the coolant from the radiator - use the radiator drain petcock at the bottom of the radiator. Next, remove the radiator shroud / fan housing. The coolant reservoir is an integral piece to the fan shroud / housing. There are three (3) bolts and one hose connection.
      Check on-line for the many parts supply sources, such as; or for the replacement parts. For example, they (RockAuto) list the coolant reservoir tank for around $47.00 for your vehicle.
  • Bryan
    Bryan - 2006 Scion xB - Body & Interior - 12/7/2012
    Airbag light is staying on .
    I turned the car on this morning . No other probs
    • SilverTongueDevil
      12/7/2012 SilverTongueDevil
      Couldn't figure it out on my 2005 Scion xB, and took it to the dearler finally. They diagnosed the problem as it being a Clock Springfor the Air Bag that was bad and needed to be replaced. I searched all over the interenet for this part and could not find it, so I'm guessing it musty be a Dealer Part only. It cost just over $385.00 to have repaired. Without this part, your Air Bag won't deploy in the event of a collision. If it's not the Air Bag Clock Spring, it could have something to do with the Seat Beat sensor or Seat Belt Buckle itself.
  • treesthrutheforest
    treesthrutheforest - 2006 Scion xA - Body & Interior - 11/1/2012
    Both windows are stuck in the down position and wont move. Is that a burned out window motor, switch or somethingelse??
    rear windows stuck in down position, wont come up using the buttons on the door or window itself. Is that a bad motor, switch or something else???
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  • Fyretuck
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/17/2012 HouseCallAuto
      yes, you have it right.
      9/18/2012 Fyretuck
      Thank you, I had seen some references to blower resistor problems in Honda Civics. I thought it might be the same for Scions. Lucky guess. Again, thanks for the confirmation.
  • ncrdisabled
    ncrdisabled - 2006 Scion xA - Body & Interior - 8/27/2012
    Keyless entry alarm system remote start for a 2006 scion XA entry How can this be done as it does not have it any of
    I bought a 2006 scion xa and I need a keyless enter remote start and alarm. I pretty sure my car does not have one . I followed a scion site to test my car for one and it failed the test so it means no built in keyless entry. I am a disabled vet in a wheel chair . ...
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  • tahoed86
    tahoed86 - 2006 Scion xA - Body & Interior - 6/29/2012
    How do I replace the blower motor in my 2006 scion xa?
    Over the past few weeks I have noticed that my ac has been blowing weaker than before even when I have it at the highest setting. Now when I turn on the switch the ac light comes on but it doesn't blow. I removed the glove box and if I tap on the blower motor ...
    • Mike
      6/29/2012 Mike
      To gain access, you have to remove the ECM. A shop can do it in less than an hour.
  • BJ
    BJ - 2008 Scion xB - Body & Interior - 3/25/2012
    After market radio installation dash kit
    I need a dash kit that will allow me to put in an aftermarket stereo in place of the original stereo that I am taking out. There will be a lot of empty space that has to be filled in with a kit. I already have the brackets for the stereo I just need to fill in the ...
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