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  • lauren
    lauren - 2001 Saturn SC2 - Brakes - 10/8/2012
    Brakes are squeaking. Front driver wheel only. Continues to squeak after letting go of brakes and worsens with turning
    Not a grinding sound. Higher pitched squeak. Will continue for a short time after letting go of the brake and accelerating.
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  • jason
    jason - 2003 Saturn Vue - Brakes - 10/8/2012
    Right front caliper stays in break mode,it is a new caliper because the same problem damaged original one
    installed new caliper because pistons would not go back in and it got so hot it damaged caliper and break pads,,the new one is doing the same thing only on right front side,what is causing this,,does the emergency break activate anything to cause this
    • jason
      5/11/2012 jason
      After 2 days of work I found that break hose was falling apart inside,enough fluid from pressure was getting to caliper,but since hose is blocked off most of the way,,breaking system would not let breaks release, causing pistons to not pull back in to release breaks,,
    • d-rock
      10/8/2012 d-rock
      I have the exact same situation here Jason. A friend told me their daughters car needed front brakes. When I got it, it was one of the worst I've seen damage wise. The front calipers were almost all the way extended, the rubber seals that keep the brake fluid in were all tattered and almost non existant. the rotors wore so far on one side that they were almost completely through the one side into the ribs. It created so much heat from the metal grinding it melted the speed sensor. $350 in parts!
  • Art
    Art - 1997 Saturn SL2 - Brakes - 10/4/2012
    Why does my brake padel go down to the floor i change the master cylinder 3 times and bench bleed them
    i bleed all four tires for hours and the brake still go down to the floor and how can i tell if the brake hose is bad
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  • A*Tray
    A*Tray - 2008 Saturn Aura - Brakes - 9/23/2012
    Is it my brakes?
    Whenever I slow down, my car and steering wheel shake a lot.
    • wrenchin
      9/23/2012 wrenchin
      your rotors or drums are out of round they should be resufaced always purchase the most expensive rotors for your car or this will always happen
  • pheben
    pheben - 2000 Saturn SW2 - Brakes - 9/15/2012
    Do I need to replace my brake pads or a wheel bearing?
    My Saturn sw2 is making a high pitch squeaking noise when I am going faster than 25. When I turn, the noise stops. The noise is coming from the front passenger side wheel.
    • david
      9/15/2012 david
      there is a metal tab between brake pad & roter when pad weres down it rubs on roter &makes squeaking noise fore wheel bearing have it cheked by mechanic
      11/6/2012 pheben
      I checked the brakes and were in great shape. I just removed the sheen from the pads. The squeaking has changed to a clunking when I drive a slower speeds. Any ideas?
  • josh mckruit
    josh mckruit - 2007 Saturn Ion-3 - Brakes - 8/25/2012
    Brake light never goes out
    Brake lights never go out and the e brake isn't on
    • Jimm
      8/25/2012 Jimm
      Several possibilities; faulty brake light switch (at the brake pedal arm), faulty brake light relay, faulty wiring or connections common to both brake lights.
  • bronxboy
    bronxboy - 1994 Saturn SL2 - Brakes - 8/8/2012
    Where is the ABS brake Sensor located?
  • sonjak
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/29/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Replace the brake pads and rotors in the front. Do not use cheap low quality pads.
  • srajca1
    srajca1 - 1994 Saturn SC2 - Brakes - 7/23/2012
    Just replaced the rotor , and pads on the front and new drums on the back and now my pedal is spongy and the brake light
    the brake light is on. do i need to bleed or what else?
    • jlofwash
      7/23/2012 jlofwash
      spongy brakes 9 out of 10 times is a sign of air in the lines, yes you need to bleed the air out
  • DGZuehl
    DGZuehl - 2004 Saturn Vue - Brakes - 7/1/2012
    Breaks on driver side are freezing up when car is hot.
    I have replaced both the calipers and the problem was gone i thought but the car still does it but only after i have been driving in city traffic for while. ot seems to do it when it is hot. but i can let the car sit for a cupple hours and it is fine. what more can ...
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  • Mark
    Mark - 1998 Saturn SL2 - Brakes - 5/26/2012
    Overhauling calipers- how do I get the piston into the bore?
    I'm overhauling the calipers on my 98 Saturn SL2- how do I get the piston down into the bore? I've tried everything I can, including a C-clamp. Any suggestions?
    • AutoMD Member
      5/26/2012 AutoMD Member
      make sure you put a nice coat of brake fluid on the piston and inside the cylinder. you need to put the new rubber boot on the piston first, then put the piston over the opening. Evenly push it with your hand no tools EVER! Just make sure its even and push. It will go in. there are several videos on youtube, that show this procedure. once the piston is in you will need to seed the boot over the cylinder. Once you see the video you will understand this. Get a soft plastic dental tool or a wood popcycle stick. Good luck
  • bretster36
    bretster36 - 2000 Saturn LW2 - Brakes - 5/17/2012
    Brake caliper is rubbing on rim why
    • SearsTech2
      5/17/2012 SearsTech2
      The only possible way a rim can rub on a caliper is either the rim is way too small and is touching the caliper, the rim is really really bent or the brake caliper is either the wrong part or it's bolts came loose and lifted up off the rotor and is making contact with the rim. I can't see any other reason the caliper would rub on the rim.
      5/19/2012 bretster36
      everything is factory and the bolts/sliders are torqued properly. one was bent so i changed it and it still rubbed. Nothing is bent and everything is balanced. This is a weird situation. I am going to change all of the break components and see if that helps they are all under warranty. It is very strange.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2002 Saturn L100 - Brakes - 4/3/2012
    Should the traction light stay on the whole while I am driving?
    • colin
      4/3/2012 colin
      What computer does this vehicle have for this year as this is a GM product and if it has a siemans bolted to the inlet manifold then this could be your problem ,never seen this car but i do know its a GM product same as opel of vauxhall even holden so iam wondering if its the same computer as these do give no end of problems if it is a siemans made in chechoslovakia then you will need to locate the earth wire on the mass air control sensor and earth it back to the battery this will put the light out
  • stuart
    stuart - 2002 Saturn L100 - Brakes - 3/6/2012
    Some times when stepping on the brake peddle, there is a slight hesitation. with traction control on or off?
    it feels like the brakes grab , a couple of seconds later?
    • yboy82
      3/6/2012 yboy82
      The brake pads/caliper and rotor should be check for glazing.
  • DDoonan
    DDoonan - 2008 Saturn Vue - Brakes - 3/6/2012
    The brake light and ABS warning light come on and the car dings whenever I make a left turn.
    I haven't driven the car in about 3 weeks and it is parked under a black olive tree that is shedding large amounts of pollen. I've cleaned the pollen off the car and off the engine, but I'm wondering if that did something to a sensor. The car drives and brakes fine. ...
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