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  • ksbreisch
    ksbreisch - 2002 Saturn SC1 - Body & Interior - 2/4/2011
    What is the problem with my driver's side door lock?
    a couple of weeks ago my driver's side door wouldn't unlock using my remote, however my passenger side does unlock with my remote. When inside my car and the door is open my dome light doesn't come on. Also the remote doesn't unlock my trunk either. And the ...
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  • kevin
    kevin - 1994 Saturn SW2 - Body & Interior - 2/2/2011
    Replace uphoisery in side car
    • yboy82
      2/2/2011 yboy82
      Try to use the Find a Shop feature od AutoMD to see a list of service shops near you with their address, telephone # and labor rate per hour. You can call a couple of them to compare prices.
  • chefjimbob
    chefjimbob - 1999 Saturn SL - Body & Interior - 2/1/2011
    I can not get the wipers set to right position,
    • Bender
      2/1/2011 Bender
      Place the keys in the ignition, turn the keys to accessory mode (key-on/engine off), and make sure the wiper motor switch is in the off position. Turn the ignition switch to the off position and remove the keys. The wiper arms are now in their parked position, although may not be properly aligned.

      Access the bottom of the compromised wiper blade arm. You may have to open the hood or remove the wiper arm cowling (refer to the owners manual for the removal of the cowling on your specific vehicle if required).

      Locate the retaining nut at the bottom of the wiper arm assembly. Some models will have a protective plastic cap covering the nut. Other vehicles may have a hinged cover that is part of the wiper arm itself. Pry the cap off with a straight-edge screwdriver or unsnap the hinged cover by prying it up from the bottom of the wiper arm with the screwdriver to reveal the retaining nut.

      Hold the wiper arm stable with one hand and remove the nut with the ratchet and a socket with the other.

      Wiggle the wiper arm gently with one hand while gently prying the base of the arm off of the splined wiper arm stud. The stud has small splines that hold the wiper arm in the correct position unless otherwise compromised. The wiper arm will feel secured to the stud, but the combination of wiggling (gently) and prying with the screwdriver will work to remove the arm.

      Place the wiper arm back onto the splined wiper arm stud by positioning it in the off position. Some vehicles may have a wiper arm stop that the arm rests against in the off position. If so, make sure the wiper arm is resting against the wiper arm stop when replacing it on the stud.

      Replace the retaining nut and tighten with the ratchet and socket. Repeat this procedure for the other wiper arm if desired.

      Use two sets of pliers to bend the wiper arm back into position if the wiper arm has been bent. Hold the wiper arm with one set of pliers to anchor it and use the other set to bend it so the wiper is perpendicular to the windshield. If the arm is bent too badly, replacing the wiper arm may be a more viable option.

  • defretz
  • Fairlassie
    Fairlassie - 2007 Saturn Ion-2 - Body & Interior - 1/31/2011
    How to unlatch the hood...silly question?
    Where in the world do I find the hood latch ?
    • RC
      1/31/2011 RC
      The location of the release lever should be in your owner's manual. Most release levers are located under the dash on the left side.
      1/31/2011 Fairlassie
      THANK YOU!!! :)
  • Catherine Hill
  • Dale
    Dale - 2006 Saturn Vue - Body & Interior - 1/24/2011
    Blower motor is making a loud noise but still works
    Either on heat or cool the blower motor is making a loud vibrating noise
  • m_jones52
    m_jones52 - 2003 Saturn Ion-1 - Body & Interior - 1/18/2011
    How do i fix an air conditioning problem.
    the air conditioning/heating makes a chirp/rattle noise when the car is running. and as you turn up the air conditioning the sound gets louder. i think its a motor problem and its coming from the far right passenger side vent. no work has been done and the mileage ...
    • TechSam
      1/18/2011 TechSam
      The blower motor is under the dash on the passenger side, unhook the wiring grip then unscrew the 3 screws holding the motor in.
      1/20/2011 m_jones52
      so i should replace the blower motor??
  • Paul
      HI Paul navigate to this site and it will show you how................good luck
      1/5/2011 Paul
      I need to replace the entire mirror.
    • Jason
      1/13/2011 Jason
      That site will show you how to do that as well. Also i replaced both of mine and it wasn't very hard at all. My question would be are yours manual or are they power mirrors?
  • Mick
    Mick - 2001 Saturn SL2 - Body & Interior - 1/11/2011
    How do i replace the front bumper
      Locate your front bumper and inspect it for damage.
      Disconnect the wires to the turn signals and fog lamps if they are attached to the front bumper.
      Support the front bumper with a floor jack. Remove the mounting bracket bolts
      Carefully lower the front bumper to the ground.
      Remove all components from the front bumper. This may include turn signals, fog lights, a license plate and bumper trim.
      Compare the new bumper to the old bumper to ensure that it is the correct replacement part.
      Attach all of the removed components to the new bumper.
      Install the new front bumper and torque the mounting bolts to the manufacturer's specifications.
      If applicable, reattach the wires to the turn signals and fog lights. Inspect the new front bumper for proper alignment.
      1/11/2011 yboy82
      too fast!!!!!

      nice info JOE-A a.k.a THE FAST and THE FURIOUS of AutoMD Answers =)
      1/11/2011 yboy82
      see what I mean? you're answering some unanswered questions but you reply to my comment just 3 minutes after I've post it.

      too fast TFTF (too fast and the furious) of AutoMD Answers =)
  • Ken
    Ken - 2008 Saturn Astra - Body & Interior - 1/9/2011
    Dash lights go out and headlights dim when i turn windshield wipers on this is an intermittent problem
    Lights only go out briefly I had the ignition housing replaced but it still happens
    • TechSam
      1/9/2011 TechSam
      Sounds to me like the wiper motor is taking too much load, unhook the wiper motor and switch on the wipers and see if it makes any diffrence, if it does then change the wiper motor.
      1/9/2011 Bill
      Or pull wiper motor fuse.
  • confusedval
    confusedval - 1994 Saturn SL - Body & Interior - 1/3/2011
    What wrong with my automatic seat belts
    about two weeks ago, I took my car for a car wash. When I turned the car on and shut the doors my seat belts engaged like normal. Then I pulled away and they disengaged, sliding back and forth. Now they are in the open position jolting back and forth not sliding. I ...
    • yboy82
      1/3/2011 yboy82
      Did you already check the condition of your fuse (blown, wiring harness (maybe cut/pinch/corroded) and switches (it may be damaged) in your automatic seat belts?
  • Jerry
    Jerry - 2004 Saturn Vue - Body & Interior - 1/3/2011
    How do I remove the radio. The speakers have stopped working
    • HKS Guy
      1/3/2011 HKS Guy
      Before you remove the radio, have you checked the wiring of the speakers?
  • Gerry
    Gerry - 2001 Saturn SL2 - Body & Interior - 12/29/2010
    Warning light airbag stays on
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Check this with dealer, it means the SRS is faulty and may not deploy during accident.
    • James Vaughn
      12/29/2010 James Vaughn
      also if you bought this vehicle used the air bag may have been deployed already and not replaced. some shady body shops will not replace the air bag and just replace the steering wheel.