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  • lynda
    lynda - 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager - Preventive Maintenance - 5/13/2015
    Engine ping when starter
    when i turn on the car the car ping then stop engine lights is on
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1998 Plymouth Neon - Preventive Maintenance - 6/23/2014
    Speedometer, Odometer, Tripometer do not work.
    I switched out the instrument cluster and it was the same. tacht works, all the lights work but anything to with distance or speed does not work. The transmission is getting worse which leads me to believe its the speed sensor but autozone and a shop have both run ...
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1997 Plymouth Neon - Preventive Maintenance - 1/24/2014
    When i come to a complete stop my car dies what is the cause of this
    recently replaced the alternator and the fuel pump fuse constantly blows and needs to be replaced
    • joe
      1/24/2014 joe
      probable cam sensor.! check codes.!
  • ironox1
    ironox1 - 1997 Plymouth Breeze - Preventive Maintenance - 12/29/2013
    What size nuts for heat shield over exhaust
  • albert
    albert - 1992 Plymouth Acclaim - Preventive Maintenance - 11/24/2013
    Problem with fuel pump.
    does anyone know if on a 92 plymouth acclaim,when you turn the ignition should you keep hearing the fuel pump? i have a ford aerostar and when i turn the key just before ignition i hear the fuel pump engage and then its quiet. on the acclaim i hear it running all ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/23/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Yes the pump should run for two seconds and turn off when the key is turned to "on" just as your aerostar does.
      11/24/2013 albert
      i feel the same way but i cant get the same answers in regards to this car. some say it cuts off and some say it keeps running. so i need to know if this particular car does it keep running.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/24/2013 HouseCallAuto
      With the key in the on position the pump shuts because after the initial two second preprogrammed priming, the fuel pump relay is de-energized because of a lack of ignition referencxe pulses received by the computer. This is a fact right out of all data.
  • albert
    albert - 1992 Plymouth Acclaim - Preventive Maintenance - 11/24/2013
    Problem with 92 plymouth acclaim. is it really a problem?
    the problem i am having is that when the key is turned you can hear the fuel pump engage(building pressure).from my past experiences from other cars you should not hear any longer after the first turn of the key. so i ask is it normal to hear the fuel pump keep ...
    • John's Auto Repair
      11/24/2013 John's Auto Repair
      With the key on, engine off, the pump should run for a few seconds then shut off. It will begin running
      again when your in the start position.
  • mark
    mark - 2001 Plymouth Neon - Preventive Maintenance - 4/10/2013
    What type of oil filter do I use?
    I need to replace oil filter.
    • Mike
      4/10/2013 Mike
      Any name brand filter that fits the application.
    DERRICK - 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager - Preventive Maintenance - 10/10/2012
    My oyxzen sensor has never been replaced, i get about 10 miles a gallon will replacing this help my fuel economy
    • CVO
      10/9/2012 CVO
      Yes, it does.

      Heated Oxygen Sensors (HO2S)


      The oxygen sensors supply the computer with a signal that indicates a rich or lean condition during engine operation. This input information assists the computer in determining the proper air/fuel ratio. A low voltage signal from one or more sensors indicates too much oxygen in the exhaust (lean condition) and, conversely, a high voltage signal indicates too little oxygen in the exhaust (rich condition). The oxygen sensors are threaded into the exhaust manifold and/or exhaust pipes on all vehicles. Heated oxygen sensors are used on all models to allow the engine to reach the closed loop faster.

      A faulty oxygen sensor due to loose connections, bad grounds, high resistance in the circuit, or opens in the circuit can cause the following symptoms.

      Related Symptoms

      Surging at idle
      Unstable idle
      Running rough off idle
      Spark knock
      Stalling on acceleration
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/10/2012 HouseCallAuto
      It may help a little, but do not hang too much hope on that. If the sensor were completely shot versus just degreded from being old are two different things. Try it.
  • gager
    gager - 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager - Preventive Maintenance - 8/23/2012
    My car seem to do a jerk when i drive my feet is on the gas it seen like I don't no if it's my tran r what
    Feet on the gas an it like pushing on the gas going like 30 but not moving that speed just reving need help ASAP
    • DougIceColdBeer
      8/23/2012 DougIceColdBeer
      I had this same problem with our 1997 Grand Voyager. Check your spark plug wires that attach to the electronic distributor. I believe you may find that one of the pins on the distributor is corroded. Use a small wire brush or some steel wool, and see if that fixes your problem.
  • Kevin Costello
    Kevin Costello - 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager - Preventive Maintenance - 8/16/2012
    My tail lights and dash board lights are out, but my brake lights and turn signals still work
    • Mark A.M.D
      8/16/2012 Mark A.M.D
      Check the park light fuse under the dash with a 12volt test light or simply remove the fuse and check to see if its popped. If so replace it with the same amperage fuse. IF the fuse pops again once the park lights have been switched on there is a short circuit somewhere in the park light circuit and a further inspection is required. The dash lights and exterior park lights run on the same circuit. If the fuse is OK i would be looking at the park light switch itself.
  • B-Big
    B-Big - 1997 Plymouth Voyager - Preventive Maintenance - 8/5/2012
    Why does my ac/heater fan only work on high speed?
    • CVO
      8/5/2012 CVO
      Replace the blower motor resistor.

      Blower motor resistors divert power or ground through resistors to control blower motor speed
      When not replaced, blower will either not function or will not run at all speeds

      See this A/C Heater Blower Motor Resistor
      For your 1997 Plymouth Truck Voyager 2WD 3.0L SFI 6cyl
      8/5/2012 B-Big
      Thats great. Thank you very much.
      8/5/2012 CVO
      Thank you for using
  • Luis
    Luis - 1998 Plymouth Breeze - Preventive Maintenance - 7/15/2012
    Reverse light does not work
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  • Jack
    Jack - 1993 Plymouth Acclaim - Preventive Maintenance - 7/11/2012
    What would cause a fully charged battery to discharge over night?
    I have been having chrging problems. It started with a dead battery, I got a jump and went to advance auto and was told battery just needed charged. My alternator is putting out 12.5 volts, I Charged my battery to 100% and 24 hrs. later it is completely dead, Can ...
    • jdl
      7/11/2012 jdl
      12.5 volts isn't good enough in my opinion. Any applicable charging system trouble codes? You should be able to check codes, yourself. Also, you could have too much battery drain with the key off, if that is the case, you can pull/replace fuses one at a time. When you pull the fuse on the problem circuit, the excess drain goes away. Check the vehicle in the dark, see if any lites are on, anywhere?
  • DennyInMaine
    DennyInMaine - 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager - Preventive Maintenance - 6/3/2012
    Fuel Guage and Fuel Warning Light problem
    With the fuel tank full, the guage first shows full, then every few seconds (about 10) it starts to dart downward, the fuel indicator light comes on and audibly dings. Then the guage darts back towards full and the fuel indicator light extinguishes. I experienced ...
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  • mickey
    mickey - 1999 Plymouth Neon - Preventive Maintenance - 5/11/2012
    • jodab
      5/11/2012 jodab
      My 1998 Neon is doing the same thing. There are about 20 soder points on the back of the instrument cluster circuit board that need re-sodered. There is a video on how to do this on youtube. Just type in Neon Instrument Cluster Repair.