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  • K. Hannes
    K. Hannes - 1996 Plymouth Neon - Body & Interior - 10/5/2012
    When I turn my lights on the high beams are always engaged. When I engage the high beams the lights become dim.
    It consistently runs as soon as lights are engaged and they can not be turned off. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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  • Kelly
    Kelly - 2000 Plymouth Breeze - Body & Interior - 9/14/2012
    Cigarette lighter no longer works
    I had to jiggle/ twist what I was plugging in to make it work until the lighter just stopped working altogether. Is it a blown fuse or a bad circuit? Can I replace the cigarette lighter myself?
    • Lew
      9/14/2012 Lew
      Try the fuse first. Its on the drivers side behind a panel on the dashboard. You can change the lighter yourself. Its an easy job, as well.
  • Billy
    Billy - 1980 Plymouth Gran Fury - Body & Interior - 8/24/2012
    Ac/heater control for "cold to hot"
    actually 1973 plymouth satellite but wouldnt go back that far. the control lever for "cold to hot" on panel is missing whatever connects to it(rod or cable). I assume it opens/ closes heater/ac door. Just can't figure out whats supposed to be there and where it ...
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  • B-Big
    B-Big - 1997 Plymouth Voyager - Body & Interior - 8/5/2012
    Why does the lights on my rear window wiper,washer,defrost,ventilation and a/c buttons flash on and off ?
    once or twice they stop flashing after a while. Everything works. How doI get It to stop flashing?
    • HouseCallAuto
      8/5/2012 HouseCallAuto
      You have to have the climate control system pass a self-test which is referred to as a cool down test.
      Run the calibration and cool down test:

      1. Turn the fan on high.

      2. Set mode to panel.

      3. Set the temperature to cold.

      4. With the engine running, simultaneously hold down the rear wiper and rear wash buttons for 5 seconds or until all the lights come on solid.

      5. Release the buttons and the calibration/cool down test will run for 1 to 3 minutes.

      6. When finished, only the rear wiper should be flashing. If so, tap it once and the recalibration is done.

      This problem is a normal occurrence after the battery has been disconnected or gone dead.

      Add'l note: if you cannot get it to pass the test and return the led lights to normal function, understand that the ac system has to be able to function and make cold air. if your ac does not work or does not work well it will not pass the cooldown calibration.
      8/5/2012 B-Big
      Thank you very much.
  • rld
    rld - 1998 Plymouth Neon - Body & Interior - 7/7/2012
    Rear quarter panel damage
    I need to know how much it would cost to fix body damage not just dent was backed into with u haul van just back quarter panel n just missed door dented in pretty good
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  • Ted Gehly
    Ted Gehly - 1996 Plymouth Neon - Body & Interior - 6/28/2012
    How do I replace the rubber ring around both headlights?
    The rubber rings around both headlights are dry rotted. And need replaced.
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  • zip
    zip - 1998 Plymouth Voyager - Body & Interior - 5/18/2012
    How do i replace the horns?
    • PERRY377
      5/18/2012 PERRY377
      all you have to do is remove the old horn they should be either behind the grill or along the fender near the front of the vehicle i believe the bolts are 10 millimeter just unplug the electrical connection anf then reverse
      the process with the new one
  • Vick
    Vick - 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager - Body & Interior - 5/10/2012
    I'm trying to find the 2 hydraulic gizmos that hold up the back door when opened but I don't know what they're called.
    Would also appreciate a recommendation for where to purchase them at a reasonable price.
    • valerie
      5/10/2012 valerie
      They are called trunk lift supports. most auto supply stores carry them
  • Bill
    Bill - 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager - Body & Interior - 4/10/2012
    How can I open hood as the cable broke while closed?
  • Patty
    Patty - 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager - Body & Interior - 4/6/2012
    My break lights don't work on truck or trailer. I checked fuse it's ok.
    Changed signal/hazard switch. Break lights didn't work before that either.
    • jdl
      4/6/2012 jdl
      Did you check for voltage, anywhere? Use a voltage tester. Try testing for voltage at the brake switch.
      4/6/2012 jdl
      Neither The high-mount brake light or the lower brake lites work? At the brake switch, the pink wire with dark blue tracer should be hot all the time. If it isn't hot, you will have to check the proper fuse circuit for voltage. Even if the fuse is good, if no voltage, the circuit is dead.
  • art
    art - 1989 Plymouth Voyager - Body & Interior - 3/29/2012
    Where to find headlights, signal lights, frt.bumper
    aftrmkt. parts
  • Theresa
    Theresa - 1997 Plymouth Breeze - Body & Interior - 3/27/2012
    Sometimes my turn signals don't work. When my turn signals don't work my radio won't work either.
    The turn signals and radio worked fine until I had to jump the battery. Now they work every once in a while. Also, now my ABS light is on,
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  • Rarakel
    Rarakel - 1998 Plymouth Voyager - Body & Interior - 3/11/2012
    Unable to unlock driver door. How can I remove side panel and what should I check?
    Door not unlock using key, central lock/unlock switch on both sides, releasing door hable from inside. I can't lift door locker, it goes back like some spring pushes it back. I can open the door only if I lift door locker from inside all the way up and use door ...
    • CVO
      3/11/2012 CVO
      1.See these instructions to perform the repair.

      Disconnect the negative battery cable.
      Remove the interior door panel and peel away the plastic sound shield to gain access to the door handle.
      Roll up the door glass.
      Through the access hole at the rear of the inner door panel, disengage the Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS) switch connector from the door harness, if equipped.
      Remove the push pin fasteners securing the VTSS switch harness to the inner door reinforcement bar, if equipped.
      Disconnect the clip that retains the door latch linkage to the door latch.
      Separate the latch linkage from the latch.
      Disengage the clip retaining the door lock linkage to the door latch.
      Remove the lock linkage from the latch.
      Remove the nuts attaching the outside door handle to the door outer panel.
      Remove the outside door handle from the vehicle.

      Disengage the clip holding the lock cylinder into the outside handle.
      Remove the door lock from the door handle.

      To inside:
      Engage the clip into the outside handle to hold the door lock cylinder.
      With the link arm positioned toward the rear of the vehicle, push the lock cylinder into the door handle until the clip snaps into place.
      Insert the lock linkage into the door latch.
      Engage the clip to hold door lock linkage to latch.
      Insert the latch linkage into door latch.
      Engage clip to hold door latch linkage to latch.
      Insert push pin fasteners attaching the VTSS switch harness to the inner door reinforcement bar, if equipped.
      Plug the VTSS switch connector into the door harness, if equipped.
      Verify door latch operation.
      Install the plastic sound shield and interior door panel.
      Connect the negative battery cable.
      For additional information, see this..

      2. This link will have the instructions for Removing Door Panels On A
      2002 Dodge Grand Caravan
      Gaining Access To Repair Power Windows, Door Locks, Side Mirrors and More.
  • Bill
    Bill - 1998 Plymouth Neon - Body & Interior - 2/23/2012
    How do you change the bulbs in the front bumper lights
    • Spoon Sports
      2/23/2012 Spoon Sports
      From behind the bumper or behind the fender wheel well that you have to peel of slightly.