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    MARIA PASTRANA - 2006 Mini Cooper - Engine - 1/26/2011
    • yboy82
      1/26/2011 yboy82
      You should diagnose your vehicle first with a scan tool to determine what the stored trouble code is. The extracted trouble code will help you.
    • yboy82
      1/26/2011 yboy82
      You post the extracted trouble code here. If you don't have any scan tool you can visit Autozone for free diagnostic.
  • tom park
    tom park - 2002 Mini Cooper - Engine - 1/17/2011
    The cooling fan never cuts off until the battery is drained
    • TechSam
      1/17/2011 TechSam
      I think the cooling fan relay is stuck on.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2003 Mini Cooper - Engine - 8/16/2010
    What controls the cooling fan an turns it on and off
    the cooling fan does not run it does not come on when i turn on the airconditioner motor gets hot when you sit still and idle.
  • tendervoid
    • RICH
      8/3/2010 RICH
      did they do a pressure test on the a/c sys after they charged it or put dye in it to check for leaks
    • tendervoid
      8/3/2010 tendervoid
      I am bring it in this morning. cottman transmission did a quick test and said the high pressure tube was low or the low pressure tube was high, maybe a sensor problem?
      Thanks, Erika
    • Nick
      8/12/2010 Nick
      most likely a leaky system.....or a clog somwhere in the system
    • AutoMD Member
      8/13/2010 AutoMD Member
      they also could have over charged it. since i went 3 years to a tech school for hvac/refrigeration. i know if you put too much in it will run hot
  • Pinoy
    Pinoy - 2003 Mini Cooper - Engine - 8/12/2010
    Could not clear the trouble code PO130.
    Just replaced sensors, upstream and down.
    • Nick
      8/12/2010 Nick
      Usually the cause of P0130 is a bad oxygen sensor, however this isn't always the case. If your o2 sensors haven't been replaced and they are old, it's a good bet that the sensor is the problem. But, It could be caused by any of the following:

      Water or corrosion in the connector
      Loose terminals in the connector
      Wiring burnt on exhaust components
      Open or short in the wiring due to rubbing on engine components
      Holes in exhaust allowing unmetered oxygen into exhaust system
      Unmetered vacuum leak at the engine
      Bad o2 sensor
      Bad PCM
      8/14/2010 Pinoy
      Thanks Nick, I did put in new o2 sensor's and all the connectors seems good. I have 2 parts that I haven't check which are the PCM and the knock sensor.
  • Nick
    Nick - 2002 Mini Cooper - Engine - 7/29/2010
    What would fix a P2096
    Post cat system lean (code posted may be wrong) have an O2 simulator on downstream o2 sensor. code still on, reset lambda values, and checked entire intake manifold and related components for leaks/cracks. Any Solutions?
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/29/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Code P2096 indicates that the rear O2 sensor registers a long-term lean condition. There is a technical service bulletin, #M12 01 06, that addresses this problem. Small leaks at exhaust system welds and flange gaskets as well as at bungs for O2 sensors are relatively common, and can be found by pressurizing the exhaust system and using soap solution to look for leaks, indicated by bubbles.
      8/3/2010 Nick
      with the 02 sensor simulator it shouldnt be registering as it at all possible that you could post the TSB #M12 01 06 that you are talking about so that i can read what it says?
  • anaizrivas
    anaizrivas - 2003 Mini Cooper - Engine - 6/24/2010
    Where is the starter located on a mini cooper?
    my mini wont start because the starter is turned on, or stock i dont really know but we had to disconect the battery so it wont damage the engine.
    • Bobby
      6/24/2010 Bobby
      so the starter wouldn't stop spinning?

      is this correct?

      Try pulling the starter relay from the fuse and relay center, then reconnect the battery and see if the starter try's to turn. the starter is usually easiest to access from under the vehicle. will be mounted were the engine and transmission meet and will have a few wires going to it one will look like a battery cable, large gauge wire.
  • Marcos Montero
    Marcos Montero - 2003 Mini Cooper - Engine - 5/24/2010
    The AC doesnot working
    when I try to add frion to the AC it doessnot suck in, and also I donot hear it is workinng. What it could be?
    • ralph
      5/24/2010 ralph
      side bloweshot the passenger side blows cold
  • jppc
    jppc - 2008 Mini Cooper - Engine - 5/21/2010
    Why does fuel consumption increased?
    • Bobby
      5/21/2010 Bobby
      can be alot of different things, weight in vehicle if you have alot of stuff in the trunck or rear of the vehicle. Vehicle maintenece is key in keeping the vehicles regular gas mileage. Also driving habits are one of the biggest parts of gas mileage sitting in traffic during commuting and having a lead foot will decrease gas mileage
  • Linda
    Linda - 2006 Mini Cooper - Engine - 4/14/2010
    Car cooling itself down?
    After you turn off my car sometimes, more often now, it is like it is cooling itself down? and just yesterday the gauge for the temp. of the car was in the red and again like a fan was running. Is this the coolant that needs to be added or?
    • deckmanASE
      4/14/2010 deckmanASE
      If the car is hot the fans should run for a while after you shut it off. Is this something new that has just started ? A couple things to look for, before you shut off the car is the temp guage too high ? Check the coolant level as well when the car is cold before you start it in the morning.