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  • rmk718
    rmk718 - 2008 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 2/21/2013
    Red brake light stays on and electronic system failure light comes on when car is started...
    Light stays on continuosly, wether hot or cold. Also, first time electronic failure light came on, the avs and traction light came on. After restarting car, brake light continues to stay on. This car has 34,000 miles on it. There are no other lights on at this time.
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/21/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Have to check for fault codes in all modules. This requires specialized scan tool. Not a DIY job, especially on a Mini which would likely even give trained mechanics a problem.
  • jose
    jose - 2005 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 12/15/2012
    Clutch bleding
    Clutch pressure losing after replaced both cylinder
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  • poli554
    poli554 - 2005 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 8/28/2012
    How do I change brakes 05 mini cooper s??
    Need to know about disc brakes
  • timmy5253
    timmy5253 - 2007 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 8/11/2012
    How do u turn off the red brake light after replacing the brakes on a 2007 mini cooper? Thank u!
    Replaced the sensor and brakes but red brake light still on.
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  • dcnaz
    dcnaz - 2006 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 6/28/2012
    I bought an 06 cooper s, both brake warning light and sensor were on. Changed rear sensor, rotor, pads, reset light by e
    Only the light by eBrake is gone. Still have the yellow circle with dashed dotted lines on each side of the circle. Did the recommended steps to turn key to position 2 and hold pedal, not working. I dont have a start button too. Is it possible the front pads were ...
    • raoul_tiesto
      6/28/2012 raoul_tiesto
      It is possible.If the old sensor its worn and re-installed with new pads the light will be on.Check it first before u buy any parts.
  • Linda
    Linda - 2005 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 1/3/2012
    Mini Cooper Convertible will need both new brakes and tires in next six months. Which should be worked on first?
    • Jay Giron
      1/3/2012 Jay Giron
      You have to determine with of the two are must worn out if you have to chose one.
      The brakes are a very important safety feature on a vehicle.
      So depending the condition of the tire and if you have a back up spare tire, I will go for the brakes first.
  • Mike
    Mike - 2007 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 6/8/2011
    How to replace brake caliper?
  • madam04
    madam04 - 2006 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 5/23/2011
    Why are my ABS and Flat Tire sensors on at all and on at the same time?
    My convertible Mini has 47,769 miles. Three weeks ago, I had rear brake pad work and the roter replaced. The sensors were not coming on prior to having that work done. One week subsequent to the completion of that work, my sensors starting coming on and off ...
    • Spoon Sports
      5/23/2011 Spoon Sports
      "I am wondering if those sensors may have been disconnected when the brake work was done by the dealership?" It can be, and since you got it serviced in the "Stealership", my suggestion is to bring it back. Im sure it still has the warranty for the repair.

      Worst case scenario

      1. Check for any indication that the moisture has penetrated the ABS/ASC/DSC control unit or the connectors for the wheel speed sensors.

      2. Replace the following parts if moisture is present in the connectors or if the connectors are corroded.

      a. Control unit (Follow Repair Instructions 34 52 515 for Replacing ABS/ASC Control Unit or 34 52 516 for Replacing DSC Control Unit.)

      b. Connector housing.
      - 47-pin connector housing at the wiring harness for the ABS/ASC/DSC control unit, P/N 61 13 0 306 846.
      - Female socket contacts (1.5 x 0.63 mm), P/N 61 13 0 306 845, with sealing sleeve, P/N 61 13 0 306 844.
      - Female socket contacts (5.2 x 0.63 mm), P/N 61 13 0 146 396, with sealing sleeve, P/N 61 13 0 146 397.

      c. Wheel speed sensors (replace only if corroded)
      - 2-pin female socket housing at the wiring harness for the left and right wheel speed sensors, P/N 61 13 0 390 476.
      - Female socket contacts (0.2-0.5 mm), P/N 61 13 0 030 855.
      - Front left and right wheel speed sensors, P/N 34 52 6 756 384.
      - Repair the wheel speed sensors by following ­Repair Instructions RA 34 52 525.

      d. Terminal ring on the ABS ground pin.

      Important note: When disconnecting the 47-pin and 2-pin connectors from the wiring harness, make sure that the female socket contacts are not removed from the housing. In addition, 1 cm of cable should remain on the female socket contacts and on the ground cable terminal ring. Replaced parts will be requested through the warranty system for analysis. Therefore, take care not to damage replaced parts during ­removal.

      3. Apply dielectric contact grease, P/N 83 23 0 149 149, to the contact areas of the new connector to prevent future moisture penetration.
  • Rog.nelson
    • Hot Pursuit
      11/10/2010 Hot Pursuit
      Just replace all brake pads and here's why:

      Usually its the front that wears out first before the rear, so let's just change the front.......

      after a couple of months the brake wear indicator lights up again, obviously its for the rear, so another purchase of pads and another install is in the works.

      NOW, replace all four and it will take you years before it lights up again. You just saved time and money. "You just saved time and money, we here to make you save more"
      11/11/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Do you feel strange with your braking? Did you check already your brake fluid, maybe low? Do see any leak under the car near your tires while at park? Don't just jump into replacing the brakes if you’re not sure of what the warning light is exactly referring to. Check your owner's maintenance manual for the periodic maintenance of your brake or have it scanned by a scan tool for you to make sure (free scan can be obtain in some parts shops); by this it will save you time and money. By the way, brake pad replacement task can be done by you.
      11/11/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Personally, I will verify this first with a scan tool before replacement
  • coopers
    coopers - 2006 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 9/24/2010
    ABS, Traction control & tire monitor light is on, I've already replaced the wheel speed sensors
    After a few days the lights came back on. I had the car scanned and was told the the right front wheel bearing pick up is he problem and that I need to replace the wheel brg. assembly. is this correct?
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Hi there coopers, since you replaced the sensors, did you do continuity test from sensors to ECU? Signal should be the same at the ECU. Check also resistance of controller/modulator valve solenoids (equal valves).

      Other than warning light is on, what other details did you observed? If brake assembly is the problem, do you feel brake dragging? noise(squeal)?
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2003 Mini Cooper - Brakes - 8/16/2010
    Can anyone advise on how to remove the hardline (parking brake) from the drivers side rear caliper.
    I have removed the cable itself from the caliper, but the hardline that encases the parking brake wire is still attached. Any inof would be greatly appreciated.
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