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  • sbryant.bryantco
    sbryant.bryantco - 1980 MG MGB - Engine - 3/7/2014
    The MB uses an electric SU fuel pump. My MG has a Rover v-8 engine, and I would like to buy a more reliable full pump.
    My MG has a Rover v-8 engine, and I would like to buy a more reliable full pump. Suggestions please.
    • Jimm
      8/1/2013 Jimm
      Need more information - what year and discplacement is the Rover engine in the MGB? Second question - what is meant by 'more reliable'?
      Does this mean the previous fuel pump is failing due to; wiring, overheating, cavitation (running fuel level too low), or some other issue?

      Please post a reply and provide some of the fuel pump failure mode (if determined) and details of the issue you need assistance with.
    • Westwood Automotive
  • Keith
    Keith - 1980 MG MGB - Engine - 7/21/2012
    1977 MGB 1.8L. What is the normal operating oil pressure for this engine at normal highway speeds? Using 10W40 Oil.
    Starts out at 50lbs but drops to around 22lbs at operating speeds. Some smoke, not much, but uses oil. Engine has a "slap" under acceleration but will quieten down at cruise speeds. Also, what would be a reasonable cost for an engine rebuild?
    • Jimm
      7/21/2012 Jimm
      At the oil pressure switch, the normal operating range is; 5 - 9 PSI. Not unusual for the oil pressure to srtat higher and then drop and stabilize during engine operation.
      An engine rebuild kit will cost around $12500 to around $825.00 (source;, or www.
  • nancy
    nancy - 1980 MG MGB - Engine - 3/17/2012
    Carburetor will not idle
    will not idle onits own car dies
    • Jimm
      3/17/2012 Jimm
      Several possibilities; idle circuit (idle mixture) not adjusted properly, clogged air filter, choke pull off or choke plate not adjusted properly, idle speed set too low, base engine timing is not adjusted properly.
  • Jeff Cardinal
    Jeff Cardinal - 1980 MG MGB - Engine - 9/28/2011
    How do I stop my car from burning oil?
    (72 MG midget) I rebored the cylnders. new pistons & rings, new valve guides, new valve stem seals. Burns oil & smokes. Tore down engine again, re checked tolerances, re-honed cyls and bought new rings, still smokes like a chimney. Goes thru a quart of oil in 200 ...
    • yboy82
      7/13/2010 yboy82
      Did you also replace your cylinder head gasket? You didn't mention it.
    • Jeff Cardinal
      7/13/2010 Jeff Cardinal
      Yes. I never re-use a gasket.
    • yboy82
      7/13/2010 yboy82
      Did you replace the o-rings in your spark plugs?
    • Jeff Cardinal
      7/13/2010 Jeff Cardinal
      spark plugs don't have O rings.
    • 72_rs-ss
      7/13/2010 72_rs-ss
      you've mentioned all things I would have thought, except one.. did you have the heads magnifluxed to see if there were any cracks?

      there is only one other possibility but on a 72 might be rare, I've seen on some vehicles with PCV valves attatched to the intake manifold where the PCV valve malfunctioned and was putting oil into the carb ... there is also on the 84 Subarus (just for example) another rubber line that has an oil connection into it which puts some oil on the air filters (without the use of a pcv valve)
      if you have any hoses connected to the air cleaner it wouldn't hurt to give them a look-see
      hope this helps
      9/28/2011 Jeff Cardinal
      magnafluxing sounds like a good idea. this engine has pressurized oil passages that oil the rockers. thanks for the tip (no hoses to the aircleaners)
    • Tom
      7/19/2010 Tom
      When you replaced the rings, did you rotate them around differently for each ring so no two ring gaps were aligned?
      9/28/2011 Jeff Cardinal
    • timmy
      9/28/2011 timmy
      are you using unleaded gas? i did the same on my 72 B and wore out the valve guides because they need leaded fuel for lubrication. you can buy lead additives
      9/28/2011 Jeff Cardinal
      I have two identical midgets. The other one was rebuilt exactly the same way and it has been running beautifully for about seven years with 100% sucess, with no excess oil consumption. I haven't had any problem with valve guide wear. Besides It was burning oil with brand new guides. I don't add any additives to the regular unleaded I use.
  • Tom
    Tom - 1980 MG MGB - Engine - 9/28/2011
    Why don't you list available dates earlier than 1980?
    I have to lie about the year of my car to post a question to this list. Why don't you accept questions regarding cars built earlier than 1980?
    • timmy
      9/28/2011 timmy
      you can ask me. i had a 72 mgb for 8 years. did a complete overhaul on engine and trans and some body work. [email protected]
  • jerry
    jerry - 1980 MG MGB - Engine - 3/31/2011
    Idles high then shuts off. won't idle normally, stalls out after 30 seconds
    this is actually a 1979 mgb roadster with a 1974 engine. the vehicle description didn't go below 1980 so we had to list 1980. we have completely restored this whole vehicle over the last several months. we replaced the fuel pump and intalled a new weber carb and ...
    • cars plus
      3/31/2011 cars plus
      i would go to university on you tube john twist has lots of video tips you can watch. ken
  • Rick Fernandez
    Rick Fernandez - 1980 MG MGB - Engine - 7/13/2010
    Engine quits,backfires & then continues running
    • Jeff Cardinal
      7/13/2010 Jeff Cardinal
      probably dirty and maladjusted points. or possibly a cracked distributor cap, maybe old plug wires. check all connections to and from the distributor and coil. The condenser might be dying. I'd buy a set of points and a new condenser. clean the cap and make sure the plug wires are good. Clean or replace the plugs while your'e at it.Backfiring can also be caused by a too lean mixture, check to see that the carb is bolted tight, if an intake system gasket is leaking, it can cause a lean mixture. you can check for intake leaks by spraying WD-40 at suspected places while the engine is running, if the engine stumbles, you've found a leak. Jeff.