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  • Dan
    Dan - 1995 Mercury Sable - Preventive Maintenance - 3/19/2012
    The car wil not start.
    There is a black box, behind the drivers side door panel, that will buzz as soon as the key is turned on. When this box is buzzing, the car will not start, nor will the electric fuel pump work either. Also, the power windows, seats, door locks, also will not work. I ...
    • jdl
      3/19/2012 jdl
      Disable the power windows, pull fuse/relay, then see if vehicle will start. Does the battery have a full charge? All connections clean and tight. Does the starter crank when the problem is ongoing? My hearing is no good, I couldn't hear a buzzing with the starter cranking, I don't think?
      3/19/2012 Dan
      Yes I did all these things. Vehicle will not start. Battery has full charge. Connections are all clean and tight. Starter will crank when problem is ongoing. No that box shouldn't be buzzing. It never did before. This all started, once, when the ignition module quit working. I changed it, and the buzzing stopped. But now, it doesn't even help to change the ignition module.
      3/20/2012 jdl
      Any applicable trouble codes? Without being able to look at it, I can't tell what's going on? I did look at your service bulletins, didn't see anything that caught my attention.
  • johnny
    johnny - 2004 Mercury Marauder - Preventive Maintenance - 3/18/2012
    Headlights go out at night in automatic position, when using turn signal headlights go out,
    battery good,alternator good,but voltage gauge is at 12
    • TechSam
      3/18/2012 TechSam
      Running volts must be 14+ so it could very well be the altinator.
  • Noreen Kenney
    Noreen Kenney - 2003 Mercury Sable - Preventive Maintenance - 3/9/2012
    Where are all the O2 Sensors on this car?
    • Ray
      3/9/2012 Ray
      The O2 sensors are located in the exhaust manifolds.
  • ray
    ray - 2000 Mercury Sable - Preventive Maintenance - 3/3/2012
    My mer, sable runs rough and has a check eng. code of 1237. anyone know what this is, and how to fix it?
    problem comes and goes, even after i have cleared the code with the tester
    • Jimm
      3/3/2012 Jimm
      P1237 = Fuel Pump Secondary circuit fault. Usually related to the fuel pump wiring, connection, pump circuit - and sometimes as finalstep - the fuel pump itself.
    • HouseCallAuto
      3/3/2012 HouseCallAuto
      In almost all cases (greater than 90%) the cause is a bad fuel pump.
  • Rod
    Rod - 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 3/2/2012
    Heater/a.c. system, won't stay warm in winter, won't stay cool in summer. I have spent a lot of monies on parts and labo
    My auto has 100,000 miles, You won't know it by looking at it. Nicer than my 2010. My problem is my ac/heater. Over the past five or so years I have put over 3 to 4,000 dollars in this system. Still I don't think it feels right. I have replaced 99% of parts related. ...
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  • James
    James - 1985 Mercury Cougar - Preventive Maintenance - 2/9/2012
    How do you replace the heater core
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/9/2012 HouseCallAuto
      This is a big job, many steps, cannot be detailed here. You need a repair manual with pics and the step by step. Posted labor for this job is 7.6 hours. You sure you wanna try it? The majority of the dash has to come out.
  • SharonD
    SharonD - 2000 Mercury Mountaineer - Preventive Maintenance - 2/1/2012
    Why do my truck keep running hot?
    I replaced the thermostat, the hose, and flush the radiator during the change of the thermostat.
    • Camarozen
      2/1/2012 Camarozen
      There could be a problem with coolant flow, the cooling fan, plugged radiator fins, system pressure, and so on. Throwing parts at a problem will not necesscarily fix the issue, you need to troubleshoot the whole system. Start with a system pressure test, then check for proper component operation.
  • SharonD
    SharonD - 2000 Mercury Mountaineer - Preventive Maintenance - 2/1/2012
    My battery keep dying just put a new one in and everyday I have to jumpstart it.
    • Camarozen
      2/1/2012 Camarozen
      You either have a bad charging system or a paracitic drain (power being used when the ignition is turned off). Have it checked by a shop to determine the state of the charging system, if you notice the battery light on at all times, the vehicle is not charging properly.
      2/2/2012 SharonD
      Thank you So should I ask them to do a diagnistic check would that find the problem
  • Enrique
    Enrique - 1996 Mercury Cougar - Preventive Maintenance - 1/27/2012
    Need a mechanic to install an ignition cylinder replacement
    • RC
      1/27/2012 RC
      Most repair shops will replace a lock cylinder for about $150 to $200. Try the "Find a Shop" to loacate a repair shop near your zip code.
  • robert
    robert - 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 1/18/2012
    Do you get better gas mileage when you nitro fill tires?
    • CVO
      1/18/2012 CVO
      Not really, when using nitrogen as an inflation gas, the composition of nitrogen increases from
      79% to near 100%. The use of nitrogen based on its ability to better retain air over a period of time.
      1/18/2012 robert
      1/18/2012 CVO
      You're welcome.
  • Pat
    Pat - 2001 Mercury Sable - Preventive Maintenance - 1/17/2012
    A mechanic told me I have 2 broken coil springs, left front and left rear. He said he'd recommend replacing all 4 coil s
    all 4 coil springs because they are the same age, cost $1,000. He said the broken spring could puncture the tire and cause me to run into the ditch. Should I get this done asap or is it OK to drive car and is the cost reasonable. Thank you. Also I have a ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      1/17/2012 HouseCallAuto
      I am having a hard time believing that you have a broken coil spring on both front and rear. The odds are against this and I think you may have one broken spring but he wants the $1000 job so that is why he said that one in front and one in rear is broke. I simply would have to see it to believe it and would place my bets that I am right. Yes, in theory you could have a spring puncture the tire but I have never seen it happen. I would get a second opinion and do not tell the second shop about the first shops diagnosis.
  • MommyOfTwo
    MommyOfTwo - 1996 Mercury Mystique - Preventive Maintenance - 1/17/2012
    Why is my belt squeaking?And now theres knocking sound? Alternator or serpentine belt? Help!!!
    My altanator went out in my car about a month ago.I just got it fixed yesterday but now(I think my serpentine belt)is squeaking really bad. Then the following morning I started my car and not only was it squeaking but it sounds like something's knocking in there now ...
    • Spoon Sports
      1/17/2012 Spoon Sports
      Could it be cuz my car wasn't driven for so long or cuz it's cold outside? - I dont think so, my car was garaged for 2 months and when i started it, it started and ran like a dream.

      For your squeaking belt...You replaced your alternator but did you replace your belt. If your belt is still ok, check belt play for looseness, maybe the guy who installed it didnt tighten it. There should be at least half or less than half an inch of slack. This is usually solved by moving the tensioner back to tighten it.

      Applying an aerosol belt dressing is as easy as it seems. All you need to do is aim and spray. The catch is that you have to do it with the engine running, so be very careful!
      You need to direct the spray toward the inside of the belts, the part that touches all of the metal pulleys. Since the belt is moving, you only need to find one good location to spray from. Spray the entire length of the belt by holding the nozzle down for 10 seconds or so while the belt goes by.

      Safety First!

      •Work on level ground with good footing so you don't lose your balance.
      •Don't wear hanging garments that could get caught in a belt and suck you in with them.
      •If you have long hair, don't lean over the belts close enough to get your hair caught.
      •When working in a running engine bay, always concentrate on the job and avoid distractions. If there is too much going on around you, wait until you can do it calmly.
      Remember, this is a temporary fix. Your belts are squealing because they're worn or loose, and should be properly repaired asap.

      For the knocking unable to verify this since im online but are you sure its coming from the belt.pulley area?
    • HouseCallAuto
      1/17/2012 HouseCallAuto
      I believe that you have a bad timing belt idler pulley which is very common on this 2.0 but it has to be confirmed by a good tech with a listen. You cannot go ahead and change the pulley and timing belt on my advice alone even though I have a good chance of being right on. Every time I go after a noise on a Mystique or a Contour it turns out to be the same pulley in by the timing belt on the bottom that is wasted.
  • skip wright
    skip wright - 2010 Mercury Mountaineer - Preventive Maintenance - 1/10/2012
    Is there a 20,000 mi. check up required. The vehicle runs smoothly.
  • stacylynn
    • TechSam
      1/4/2012 TechSam
      Make sure you have power at the starter, check for good ground if you have both then replace the ignition switch.