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  • jccatt1983
    jccatt1983 - 2003 Mercury Mountaineer - Body & Interior - 8/29/2012
    Why does my door ajar light stay on?
    rvery time i get in the car my door ajar light stays on and will not go away but all my doors are closed,
      6/20/2010 WWW.LASPUERTAS422
      7/9/2010 eight6
      That is right I have the same vehicle and thats what I did and it fixed it.
    • Sexie43
      8/29/2012 Sexie43
      I am having the same problem. DO I use WD40 and spray the door parts
  • Brenda Wilkinson
    Brenda Wilkinson - 2005 Mercury Mariner - Body & Interior - 8/25/2012
    What is wrong when the horn just starts blowing? No one is in the car and no one is using the keypad.
    • Jimm
      8/25/2012 Jimm
      Several possibilities; faulty horn relay (replace the relay), faulty horn switch at the steering wheel, faulty / corroded horn wiring or connections.
      8/25/2012 Brenda Wilkinson
      Thanks. I'll check it out.
      8/25/2012 Bill
      Sounds like security system is sensitive and reacting to a vibration, Harleys are good for setting off car alarms.
  • stacy
    stacy - 2000 Mercury Cougar - Body & Interior - 8/22/2012
    My headlights keep flickering
    Changed the alternator and battery
    • Scott
      8/22/2012 Scott
      Chang headlight or check plugs in the back
  • Arnold Myers
    Arnold Myers - 1996 Mercury Cougar - Body & Interior - 8/19/2012
    Instrument panel guages not operating correctly, may be instrument cluster l
    • Seespark
      8/19/2012 Seespark
      Arnold read your question and think it would be wise to check the fuse's where ever they located and also wiring to the gauges from the fuse holder, could be a lose wire not making contact.Make sure all wires on cluster are tight.
  • Caroline
    Caroline - 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis - Body & Interior - 8/15/2012
    The driver side window on my car won't go down, my son says the probable cause is the motor. How much would this cost ?
    There is 30,000 miles on my vehicle. We've had a very hot summer, I was thinking perhaps the window got stuck in the up position. Every times I start the car, I try the window, with no results, all the others work fine. I 1st noticed it several weeks ago, the check ...
    • Mark A.M.D
      8/15/2012 Mark A.M.D
      Warning lights are only there for the Engine/Transmission, Not luxuries like power windows.

      Could be a couple of things,No power getting to the Window switch, Window switch might be faulty. Window regulator motor could be dead, Bad/Burnt wiring and the list goes on. Until you get it checked out by a mechanic/auto electrician you wont know what $$ you're up for.

      Word of advice, Check the fuse first and go from there.
  • jeff
    jeff - 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis - Body & Interior - 8/14/2012
    I'm trying to replacethe cigarrete lighter
    i've got as far as removingthe ash tray and the four screws holding the bracket,but , tyhe bracket won't come down enough to get to the back of the socket.
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  • ugo
    ugo - 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis - Body & Interior - 8/10/2012
    Replacing header panel
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  • Dave
    Dave - 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis - Body & Interior - 8/4/2012
    Why wont the head lamps come right away and wait several minutes?
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  • Jawan P.
    Jawan P. - 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis - Body & Interior - 7/26/2012
    My key is stuck in the ignition, how do I get it out?
    I turn it, try and pull it out, yak at it but its stuck!
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  • Carl
    Carl - 1999 Mercury Sable - Body & Interior - 7/19/2012
    A/c blows out hot air,blend door can be move by can i check for power from plug?is there a relay or fuse for it
    replaced blend door accumalator,twice.door can be opened by hand.dont think its getting power at plug.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/19/2012 HouseCallAuto
      I have to know which system is in this car as there were two. One is called Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) which is the optional fancy system with electronic display or it has the regular manual heating and a/c system.
      7/19/2012 Carl
      its the fancy one.The EATC
      7/19/2012 Carl has the EATC system
      6/26/2013 Carl
      6/26/2013 Carl
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/19/2012 HouseCallAuto
      1. Perform the self test on the EATC control head. If there are any memory codes still in the system, the system will not function as it should unless the codes are cleared.

      2. To enter the self-test, press the OFF and FLOOR buttons simultaneously and then press the AUTOMATIC button within two seconds. The display will show a dashed line in the center of the display window. The test may run as long as 30 seconds. Record all DTCs displayed.

      3. To exit self-test and clear all DTCs, press F-Defrost button. The vacuum fluorescent display window will show 888 and all function symbols for one second. Then, the EATC system will turn OFF (display blank) and all DTCs will be cleared.
      7/20/2012 Carl
      hello.sorry i didnt get back to you sooner.Just got in.took family to see Batman.GREAT MOVIE!!!Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.running self test worked.the ford place told me to try two things(of which,1 i had to buy).TOP NOTCH HOUSE, CALL AUTO.AAAttttttt.Thanks again
    • Carl
      7/19/2012 Carl
      its the fancy one.the eatc
  • jamieallen71404
    jamieallen71404 - 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis - Body & Interior - 7/13/2012
    03 grand marquis
    Blows cold but only thru defrost vents, control head works ok and I can't find any leaks
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  • motorcyclemom
    • jdl
      7/8/2012 jdl
      I haven't looked at your seat wiring. Is the seat back electrical? If so, that is where i would start checking. In the past, on different makes and models, I have found a metal part of the seat frame broken. I took the seat out and welded it back together, reinstalled, it worked ok. In the past on different makes and models, I have swapped out the driver seat with the passenger seat. I worked ok. Is that the proper fix? no, but it might get you out of a bind.
  • Deb
    Deb - 2008 Mercury Sable - Body & Interior - 7/7/2012
    How to change auto trunk hydraulic struts
    Trunk hydraulics no longer open or hold trunk up
    • Jimm
      7/7/2012 Jimm
      Fairly simple task - they will pop off using a flat blade screwdriver. Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for the specific steps.
    DANIEL - 2000 Mercury Mountaineer - Body & Interior - 7/6/2012
    • Jimm
      7/6/2012 Jimm
      Several possibilities; faulty door lamp, faulty door switch, faulty / corroded wiring or connection.