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  • shaunte011
    shaunte011 - 1995 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 3/10/2011
    A/c compresser is not working properly
    a/c compresser comes on and off whiles a/c or heater is on
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      If the compressor is not turning, make sure the magnetic clutch engages when energized. Underlying problems here may include a bad relay, fuse, wiring problem or a defective clutch. If the clutch fails to cycle on and off when the A/C is turned on, jumping the clutch lead with a jumper wire from the battery will show if the problem is in the clutch or elsewhere. If the clutch engages, the problem is the clutch power supply (relay, fuse, wiring, switch or control module). Refer to a wiring diagram and work backward toward the battery to find out why the voltage is not getting through.
  • arringtonboys4rd
    arringtonboys4rd - 1993 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 2/28/2011
    I turn key on fuel pump doesnt work,neither does coil packs neither do fuel injecters
    • yboy82
      2/28/2011 yboy82
      Check the voltage of your battery, it is possible that your battery is dead. You should trace the continuity of your current path from you battery to you ignition system. It is possible that your fusible link is blown and/or your battery terminal/cable is loose/corroded.
      2/28/2011 arringtonboys4rd
      i checked the 1 under hood..when i turn key on the fuel pump fuse gets hot but nothin else i put me a togger swith inside car an ran 2 hot side on driverside coik pack an everythin went 2 workin...even radio neither clock works till i flip switch on..i have a brand new battery
  • miss peaches
    miss peaches - 2001 Lincoln LS - Preventive Maintenance - 2/9/2011
    Heater not getting hot
      check your coolant level make sure its full and has no air in system if that is done then check heater core hoses if one is cooler than the other chance are your heater core needs to be flushed ..............good luck
  • firstladyburgess
    firstladyburgess - 1988 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 2/9/2011
    Are 1988 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series part interchangeable with 1996 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series parts?
    I would like to use the window motor, front sea motor, and the air conditioner compressor from the 1996 Lincoln.
      2/9/2011 ARMY OF 4 TIRES
      highly doubtful, although my neighbor had a alternator from an 87 Ford in a 94 Dodge so Ive heard of stranger stuff working
  • Cherith
    Cherith - 2001 Lincoln Continental - Preventive Maintenance - 2/7/2011
    My turn signal do not blink. They all work but do not blink
    • yboy82
      2/7/2011 yboy82
      Sounds like your flasher relay is already faulty.
      2/7/2011 Cherith
      Where is the flasher relay on my car? It is a 2001 Lincoln Continental
      2/12/2011 liz1190
      where do i find the relay flasher in car?
  • latrease
    latrease - 2000 Lincoln LS - Preventive Maintenance - 1/25/2011
    How to find the coolant temp switch
      It is on the Driver side of engine in between the COP's (Coil on plugs) simply unplug the wire use a 19 or 3/4 deep well socket and unscrew it and put it new one... The whole process should only take 10-15 minutes.
  • Eve
    Eve - 2004 Lincoln Aviator - Preventive Maintenance - 1/24/2011
    I hear a 5 times group of five bell sound, every so often?
    there is nothing showing in the dash board, mostly happen when I start the car, and start driven, and everybody that is in the car has their seat belts on.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Could be one of the doors is not closing properly everytime you start the engine, shut the doors properly and start the engine, observe if the noise reappears.
  • BrutuS1776
    BrutuS1776 - 1993 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 1/24/2011
    I was able to start my car, but when I did, it kinda hesitated as I turned the key and then it just started right up.
    I then turned it off, and tried starting it again, and then all I could do is just turn the key. There was no clicking, like it could be the starter. The power remaind on, but there was no cranking or anything. I can only turn the key and nothing happens. Do you ...
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Check the battery state of charge if correct and check the cables if loose or corroded, check also the wiring from the battery to the starting motor, and if everything is ok, bench test the starting motor, could be a defective solenoid.
  • Eternal
    Eternal - 1995 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 1/23/2011
    I put a fuell pump on my car i put every thing back on like i took it off i have a digetal needle in stead of the bars
    going up when i feel up the bars going down to empty can u tell me how to fix this proble?
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  • byron
    byron - 2006 Lincoln LS - Preventive Maintenance - 1/20/2011
    Where can I locate the fuel filter?
      To relive the fuel pressure look under hood on drivers side front of engine locate the fuel line where it goes into the fuel rail,trace it back a little ways and you will see a schrader valve for checking fuel pressure. Remove the plastic cap and take something like a small screw driver and press the pin in center to release pressure.
      To replace fuel filter you have to remove left front wheel and inner plastic fender panel and fuel filter is located behind this at the back area.
    • oil change doc
      1/20/2011 oil change doc
      take off your left side tire and its behind ur wheel well plastic cover cant miss it looks like a little metal color can with lines on each end.
  • BrutuS1776
    • yboy82
      1/18/2011 yboy82
      Do you mean you can turn your key but nothing happens? Did you already try to check the condition of your neutral safety switch (if equipped)? Did you also check the condition of your battery and its terminals/cables?
  • Hakim
    Hakim - 2001 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 1/13/2011
    My hearter will not blow at all, i already know it is not the blower. but i for got the name where the bottons are at ?
    also it is this noise thats very loud than the air pump. when i give it some gas it stop . it only start when i warm the car up.. do know wat it is?? also my heat stop working it dont blow and its not the blower i cheack that already and i for got the name of it . ...
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  • gatonegro
    gatonegro - 2000 Lincoln Navigator - Preventive Maintenance - 1/10/2011
    My front heater doesn't blow hot air
    no matter what i do with the temperature control, also i know , the hot water it;s flowing to the hater core, anyone have an idea????
    • yboy82
      1/10/2011 yboy82
      Are you certain that the water flowing in your heater core is hot? Because most of the time a defective thermostat is the culprit why you don’t have any heat. Did you also check the your coolant level and the condition of your heater control valve?
  • johnny88
    johnny88 - 1984 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 1/2/2011
    Does the lincoln 84 town car have the same sizes for fuel line clamps?
  • allen
    allen - 1986 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 1/1/2011
    Well a bad computer miss with the wipers and other etc. stuff
      OK Allen i did some looking and here is what i found hope it helps you good luck

      A real common problem is a bad ground for the motor's mounting plate. While it's turned on and not running, use a grounded test light to check for voltage on the case of the motor. If there is, attach a new ground wire between the plate and the van body. Usually the motor will not run at all in any speed once it comes to a stop, but it's worth checking the ground.

      A defective Body Computer is the biggest cause of a dead wiper motor. I never heard of one running slow though. They normally quit completely. Some people have figured out how to add a switch to bypass the computer so the wipers will run constantly at one speed. The delay feature won't work but the washer still works normally. The Body Computer is bolted to the fuse box in front of and above the brake pedal.

      The multifunction switch should not cause the motor to run slow because its only job is to signal the setting to the Body Computer. The Body Computer controls the current to the wiper motor. You might also check for any related relays under the hood. I can't remember there being any, but if there are, pitted contacts will cause high resistance and a drop in current to the motor. That can be intermittent. A quick test is to switch a suspect relay with one of the other ones like it.
    • david
      1/1/2011 david
      ck with a computer ck sparkplugs, wires, dist cap, rotor button,fuel filter,