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  • lew
    lew - 2008 Lincoln MKZ - Preventive Maintenance - 6/15/2011
    Where is the cabin air filter located?
    • yboy82
      6/15/2011 yboy82
      You can access it when you remove your glove compartment.
      6/16/2011 lew
      thank you
  • lew
    lew - 2008 Lincoln MKZ - Preventive Maintenance - 6/15/2011
    Owners man. says change oil every 7.5k miles or 6 mos. i drive 5k miles per year & live in fl. Do I realy nd 2 chnges/yr
    primarily short local trips
  • number20
    • Bender
      2/8/2011 Bender
      Wooo hooooo if i had a penny everytime i heard that, anyway, the intake manifold is blocking your path right? Sorry chief, you have to remove that to gain access to the remaining plugs

      By the way, you have one of the most elegant looking PUP truck i have ever seen. The F150 just looks brutal (which is ok) but yours have a distinctive touch of class
      6/15/2011 Enrique
      Do you recomend taking my Lincoln pickkup to the local dealer to have spark plugs replaced?
    • Enrique
      6/15/2011 Enrique
      I was getting ready to replace them but I was surpriced to find out that it is a harder task than I thought
  • sean  mc menamin
    sean mc menamin - 2001 Lincoln LS - Preventive Maintenance - 6/10/2011
    A/c works fine but after driving for about half hour & the air on . the passenger side blows hot air ,
  • Grog
    • Jimm
      6/7/2011 Jimm
      There may be a cabin air filter usually just below the cowling vent behind the hood and in front of the interior vent. The ac system filter (receiver drier) is sealed and part of the ac system, and does not need regular change or cleaning. You may also clean the a/c evaporator fins periodically - to improve the ac system efficiency and help cool air transfer to the interior.
  • shaun
    shaun - 1992 Lincoln Continental - Preventive Maintenance - 6/4/2011
    Why does my battery keep dying?
    if i dont start the car every day or if i dont drive it for a couple days my battery will be dead. Ive tryed pulling trunk light bulb and other accessory components to try to narrow down the problem but battery keeps dying. even new batteries.
    • yboy82
      5/6/2011 yboy82
      Did you also check the light switch position and its operation? An internal faulty diode in your alternator can also cause it.
      5/7/2011 shaun
      alternator seems to work fine once the car is runnin the battery will keep a charge even dead batteries will keep it runnin. but once u shut it off is when the battery is draining. i checked switch position and it seems to work fine it shuts off when i close trunk lid so it cant be that bulb staying on.
    • d.scott
      6/4/2011 d.scott
      with all circuits closed,disconnect neg. batt. term.,hook a test light between neg. cble and batt. neg. test light will light up. now begin pulling fuses one at a time til light goes out,what ever circuit that fuse controls is where your short is and that is why your batt. keeps going dead.
    • Brenda
      6/4/2011 Brenda
      Sounds like you need a new alternator.
  • holdingpower
    holdingpower - 2003 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 6/4/2011
    Heat comes from the front of the car inside on the floor even when there is not heat being put on
    only way to stop the heat is to turn the ac on. i have noticed that this happens in fords as well. i have had many fords and lincoln from 92-03 and they all have the same problem. Give them time and they have that problem.
    • d.scott
      6/4/2011 d.scott
      get under the dash on pass. side and slap the bottom of the black plastic housing,something has inadvertantly fallen down dash vent and is preventing "door" from closing all the way. this door is used to change system from a/c to heat,whats happened to you is that heat is still coming through from heater core
  • ericmintz
    ericmintz - 2005 Lincoln LS - Preventive Maintenance - 6/3/2011
    A/c problem cold/hot
    why is my a/c blowing sightly cold on the driver side and blowing warm on the passnger side. Could it be the heater control valve? Or is it something else?
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  • billy
    billy - 2001 Lincoln Continental - Preventive Maintenance - 5/10/2011
    Seeking information on problem with anti-theft system
    my anti-theft system goes off when the engine is off, the car is parked in front of my apartment, the doors are locked and the temperture gets around 80 degrees. the horn sounds until i pressed the unlock button on the remote. this problem started last summer and ...
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    JAMES - 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII - Preventive Maintenance - 4/22/2011
    Overheating after 30 minutes
    I have replaced the water pump & thermastat but after about 30 minutes steam/antifreeze comes out from the radiator/resavoir(did I spell that right?) From a suggestion of a friend who is a mechanic, I purchased a temp sensor but have not installed it because I cant ...
    • Bobby
      11/2/2010 Bobby
      hopefully its not a blown head gasket, but the coolant temp sensor is located on the intake manifold under the air intake tube so you have to remove that to get to it. other things to consider, is the fa clutch working properly to cool the engine, are you filling the coolant system correctly, meaning have you purged it correctly or are there air pockets trapped in the system.
    • Scott
      4/8/2011 Scott
      I had the same problem in my 1993 Mark VIII. I replace the thermostat and it still overheated. Discovered fan was not kickin on. Shop diagnosed to the Variable Control Relay Module, whick controls the cooling fan. Advanced auto quoted price of 475.00 to replace and no warranty. So, instead, I sent the VCRM to "" because they offered to rebuild mine for $275.00 with a year replacement warranty. This company promised to have it repaired in 2-3 business days...well, 3 weeks later they still have the module and do not return my calls. I went to advanced to purchase the one for 475.00 and when push came to shove, advanced could not get the part. Dealer cannot get part either. So, I went to local junk yard and got one there for 50.00 installed it expecting it to "fix" my problem. After installing the VCRM, the car still overheated. I was ready to burn the car! I started from square one and replaced the thermostat again and IT WORKED. Try fighting and diagnosing a problem like that with the thermostat, it is a pain! But all is well, all is working fine....check the thermostat and make sure fan is kicking in....
    • greg
      4/22/2011 greg
      location ; try on the front of the intake manifold. there may be 2 units. # 1 is coolant temp send unit for gauge, and # 2 , a coolant-temp sensor which is for the computer. # 1 should be on the left looking at the front of engine, and # 2 just adjacent on the right side. obviously ck coolant level. also make sure the wiring between the light & gauge and the send unit is secure & all fuses intact. diconnect the wire unit from top of unit( careful-they are brittle ) and then unscrew the unit. if not done yet-hope this helps email e @ .[email protected]
  • clyde oliver
    clyde oliver - 1993 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 4/22/2011
    Air compresser noise
    • greg
      4/22/2011 greg
      u should have an a/c shop inspect. a certain noise or clicking is normal as the unit cycles on/off. what kind of noise is it? low moan may be a dragging clutch assy in the compressor, due to reduced lubrication. also check for leak in line or air in the system due to insuff refrigerant- ( popping noise or...
      make sure your belts are tight / adjusted as not to slip when the a/c unit engages. if the drive belt is slippery or shinney, , too hard or small fissure crack--replace it.
  • vlady wnuk
    vlady wnuk - 1990 Lincoln Mark VII - Preventive Maintenance - 4/22/2011
    Engine overheats whenever air conditioning is used at city traffic
    • greg
      4/22/2011 greg
      1. replace thermostat and reduce to 180 degrees for your drive conditions. 2. flush the cooloing system-it may be clooged. 3. get a after mkt lg radiator- 2-3 + qts more. marks were notrious for overheating in these conditions w the a/c on. do not overtighten ther housing. its cheap metal and will break. hand tight then light turn until snug only or torque wrench it.
  • Don
    Don - 2007 Lincoln MKX - Preventive Maintenance - 4/18/2011
    Tire pressure monitoring system light on, tires seem fine?
    • CVO
      4/18/2011 CVO
      Check the spare tire too.
  • meagan
    meagan - 2001 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 4/2/2011
    Why did my wipers stop working but my signal stil works?
    my washer light is on. and wipers wont work.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Check and test wiper relay switch it could be failing, replace as need.
    • kapcha
      4/2/2011 kapcha
      Towncars have a problem with wiper motor location. Its right between the windshield and the hood. That place gets a lot of leaves, dirt and water, and if you dont clean it on regular basis eventually you wiper motor will be flooded costing hundreds of dollars. I learned that the hard way. could that be the problem in your case?
    • mike
      4/2/2011 mike
      check fuse, if good it may be the wiper motor
  • clarence reed
    clarence reed - 2004 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 4/2/2011
    Turn key on without starting engine, I hear a bussing sound coming from under the air-filter unit. It may last 8-10 sec.
    48k I can just turn the key on and hear the bussing sound, or start the engine and still hear the sound. Only occur on or before start-ups. no check engine light or other warning lights on. this problem occur most of the time
    • kapcha
      4/2/2011 kapcha
      That is your air compressor pumping air in your air suspension. Totally normal. The reason you hear it at start ups is when you leave your car off air goes out little by little so it repumps it when you turn ignition on.It probably also runs while you drive too but you just cant hear it behind engine noise. The only problem I see here is how much of air does your car loses? if the compressor starts working too often I would check the airbags for air leak.