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  • Antonio's Auto
    Antonio's Auto - 2004 Lincoln LS - Preventive Maintenance - 10/4/2010
    Which is side a on the fuel pumps
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      If you’re asking the location of fuel pump, normally it is inside the fuel tank which is located at the back and under your vehicle. Fuel pump can be access by removing the passenger seat area. To give you an idea how it was done, click the link.
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/4/2010 HouseCallAuto
      I would guess it means the driver side - A or D - driver side or passenger side? I know that this vehicle has a very special fuel pump that is actually two pumps in one assembly.
  • mrdirector1
    mrdirector1 - 2000 Lincoln LS - Preventive Maintenance - 9/22/2010
    Can I change the passenger side spark plugs without removing the intake maifold.
    It looks like it is impossible to get to them without manifold removal and dealer wants 500 bucks to change plugs.
  • sal
    sal - 2000 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 9/20/2010
    How to reset air condition
  • sal
    sal - 2000 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 9/19/2010
    How to reset the air condition
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/19/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Explain please because I do not know what you may be referring to.
  • Alva
    Alva - 2001 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 9/15/2010
    Why wont the off button on my climate control Ac go off when I push the off button
    0 answer
  • Alva
    • Ray
      9/14/2010 Ray
      Check the button and control circuit relay.
  • Tbalewsk
    Tbalewsk - 2000 Lincoln Continental - Preventive Maintenance - 9/6/2010
    Changing spark plugs
    How difficult is it to remove the 4 spark plugs on the firewall side of this engine? Any special tools involved?
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/6/2010 HouseCallAuto
      It is not easy, but with patience and a few select extensions, flex-head ratchet and the ability to remove some things if needed to make room, it can be done. But, yes, they are terrible for anyone to do. It is all in the tools and your confidence level.
    AL CANNON - 2003 Lincoln Navigator - Preventive Maintenance - 9/4/2010
    Locate mass air flow
    want to spray teh mass air flow to stop the vehicle from jerking. where do i spray?
    • Oxides
      9/4/2010 Oxides
      between the air filter and the throttle body
  • ChrisinDet
    ChrisinDet - 1999 Lincoln Continental - Preventive Maintenance - 8/25/2010
    Having trouble filling gas tank.
    Each time I go to fill up, I have to either trickle in the fuel or the pump will constantly shut off due to back pressure of fuel (basically like when the tank is full).
    • AC130 Spectre
      8/25/2010 AC130 Spectre
      Those things that can directly restrict fuel fill include damage to any part of the filler neck or gas tank:
      1. Damaged filler neck
      2. Pinched or twisted hose between filler neck and tank
      3. One-way fill valve in tank (at the filler entrance to the tank) sticking shut
      4. Tank damaged under fill entrance to tank.

      (b) Things that can prevent proper venting include blockages anywhere in the onboard vapor recovery system:
      1. Blocked leak detection pump outlet
      2. Restricted charcoal canister filter
      3. Restricted charcoal canister itself (usually by liquid fuel in canister)
      4. Sticking vent valve (sometimes called rollover valve) in top of fuel tank
      5. Any of the vapor hoses from the tank to the canister to the leak detection pump pinched or twisted.

      One of the most common causes of blockage in the venting system is from fuel entering the vapor vent lines and directly into the charcoal canister. The liquid gasoline gets absorbed by the charcoal in the canister, causing it to swell and it blocks off the vapor vent lines. So how does a clogged canister filter prevent you from filling up with gas? The gas tank contains both fuel and air. As you fill it up, the gasoline displaces the air, and the air has to escape somehow. BUT the air that is displaced is full of gasoline vapor. Being harmful to the atmosphere, it can't just be vented directly into the air, so the vapor recovery system is set up to capture these vapors through a series of vent lines that lead to a square box full of charcoal, which absorbs the gas vapors. When the gas-soaked charcoal swells and blocks off the vent lines, it is preventing the air from escaping the tank. In order to put gas in, the air has to have some way of getting out, and the only way for it to get out is through the vent lines. The repair here involves replacing one of the components in the fuel vapor recovery system. (one-way valve in the tank, vent valve in the tank, liquid-vapor separator near the tank, carbon canister or canister close valve.) The most common first choice for repair is the canister, but the other components may well be plugged.
  • Deb
    Deb - 2007 Lincoln Navigator - Preventive Maintenance - 8/21/2010
    Does this vehicle have a fuel filter? If so, where is it located?
    • madwizard2020
      8/20/2010 madwizard2020
      under the drive side
    • Oxides
      8/21/2010 Oxides
      what he said. most ford fuel filters are somewhere along the fuel lines under the driver's side of the vehicle.

      it may be a part of the fuel pump module and not meant to be serviced. some of the new fords seem to be going this way.
  • j
    j - 1990 Lincoln Mark VII - Preventive Maintenance - 8/19/2010
    There is an electrical problem because somewhere on the car there is a power getting ground
    • Bobby
      8/19/2010 Bobby
      what are you trying to do. if a power is touched to ground then it has shorted. what is not working that you are trying to fix?
  • Etheral Carter
    Etheral Carter - 2001 Lincoln Navigator - Preventive Maintenance - 8/18/2010
    Oil light stays on for a while when you first crank the truck
    • yboy82
      8/18/2010 yboy82
      If it will disappear after a few seconds then it’s just normal. But if it will not disappear the possible causes are low oil level or the oil pump is defective and stopped pumping.
    TPACRAT - 2002 Lincoln LS - Preventive Maintenance - 8/5/2010
    • AZogas
      8/5/2010 AZogas
      This happened to me as well. I drive a 1994 Lincoln Continental. The best way for me to do it was to wedge something in the lever so that it would stay pulled. Something like a wad of paper towel or a shirt would do the trick. Following this, the easiest way was to reach up from underneath in the front. If you push up from the bottom, you can get it up so that you can use the release to open it all the way. Hope this helps. I recently got mine fixed, boy was it worth it when the winter comes around.
  • Doug
    Doug - 1999 Lincoln Navigator - Preventive Maintenance - 8/3/2010
    Why does my front right tire make a locking and grinding noise when I take off from a stop
    It does it when I turn. It make a rubbing noise and my 4x4 light is flashing
    • vince^_^
      8/3/2010 vince^_^
      It is possible that you brake caliper piston is sticking or your wheel nut is loose or damaged. Also diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to know what if there is a stored trouble code in your vehicle. And to narrow down the possible causes of your vehicle’s trouble.
  • Donald Rhodes
    Donald Rhodes - 2006 Lincoln Town Car - Preventive Maintenance - 7/30/2010
    Where is the cabin fresh air filter located ??
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