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  • needhelp1979
    needhelp1979 - 1999 Kia Sportage - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 2/28/2015
    Could a bad sensor be causing my RPMS to climb when the car is at park
    O2 sensor got replaced 2013, transmission 2015 And Kick Down Cable 2015, But The RPMS are still climbing when you are driving and when you are at park, you could be going 35-45 mph and the RPMS show show 3 almost 4. The mechanic told my mom to take it to autozone ...
    • Jimm
      2/28/2015 Jimm
      The check engine light is located on the dash and stays on if the computerized engine control system detects an engine performance or emissions problem.

      First step - have the stored fault codes or check engine light scanned - for free - at any local auto parts store; Advance Auto, Auto Zone, NAPA. Then, post a reply as 'add answer' with the specific code for more assistance. There may be a fault code stored in the OBD memory which may not be displayed as a check engine light.
      There are literally hundreds of possible codes - so this first step is important to begin any diagnosis.
  • selena
    selena - 2005 Kia Sorento - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 2/10/2015
    Why isn't my Kia sorento not driving in reverse anymore
    My Kia first started hesitating driving up hill.then it started leaking fluid a lot as fast as you put the fluid in and ran it for a little bit it would drain it would drain the most when the engine was turned off.the vehile runs fine other than that if anyone has ...
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  • mnbartlett12
    mnbartlett12 - 2001 Kia Optima - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/24/2014
    Why won't my car go past 45 mph?
    The car has over 200000 mile but the transmission was worked on about 2 years ago, it wasn't mine at the time so I'm not sure what was done to it. I can get up to about 35-40 mph then the car starts jerking and I feel like I'm losing power, it almost feels like my ...
    • GT500Knights
      12/24/2014 GT500Knights
      Catalytic converter may be causing excessive exhaust back pressure. The engine is a big air pump. What goes in must come out. If not enough exhaust can escape then not enough air can enter engine for proper operation. This tends to happen with higher speeds--more wind and tire resistance, also low gear ratio so less torque reaches the road. Have a exhaust back pressure test performed.

      I have also seen this problem with some vw's, where the camshaft sensor was bad.

      In either case, pull engine codes and have live date checked.
  • frank
    frank - 2011 Kia Forte - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/21/2014
    Transmission acting up
    98000 miles auto trans shift pops out of gear have to toggle shift...
    • Teddy B
      12/21/2014 Teddy B
      If you never changed the trans fluid every two years or are
      one of the unlucky ones--then the trans is done

      Time to pull it & install a reman

      With those kind of miles in four years you may want to
      not drive a transaxle --- go to a rear drive trans
  • Bigfoot
    Bigfoot - 1997 Kia Sportage - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/14/2014
    Would the speed control sensor cause it to idol rough and shift rough?
    It has 161,000 miles. It starts up ok and idols, but it is when I put it in gear is when it runs rough. Starting out it shifts ok until I get speed then it does not want to shift until I let off the gas and it shifts. but the whole time it is in gear it runs rough. ...
    • Teddy B
      12/14/2014 Teddy B
      No on the sensor or trans filter

      You have to work on getting the engine running properly
      or it won't shift correctly

      That said you could still have a trans issue

      You have two things pointing you somewhere
      It runs rough all the time it is in gear
      Won't shift until you let up on gas or unload the motor
  • Chris
    Chris - 2004 Kia Optima - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 11/29/2014
    Why is my trans. not going into D when it seems its an electrical issue?
    Im getting an error code that my Trans. range sensor is bad or low volts. i replaced the sensor with no luck. I ended up pulling a 15 amp fuse which controls my rear defrost. This worked! for 2 mos. anyways. I could put it in drive with no issues until last night, ...
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  • Midori Bolduc
    Midori Bolduc - 2012 Kia Soul - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 11/23/2014
    My car won't shift out of park and the dashboard lights and gauges don't work but the engine turns over fine.
    The engine turns on and all other lights/radio turn on but ti won't shift out of park and all the dashboard gauges won't budge and are not lit up. The car was in a minor accident and dented the front right side by the front right tire well, however the problem ...
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  • Daniel
    Daniel - 2005 Kia Optima - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 11/14/2014
    My shifter button is stuck in the "down" position
    The button on my shifter is stuck in the down position. I can still switch into all positions, but, my keys will not come out of the ignition. How can I get the button to disengage?
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  • Richard
    Richard - 2007 Kia Sportage - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 9/10/2014
    Automatic Diesel, what causes failure in revs on D & R & thick black smoke from exhaust?
    Has been serviced, Transmission oil changed & filled with dealer recommended. 163 982Km no check engine light' cold or hot it straggling to pick on low gears either o level ground or on a steep hill.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2013 Kia Optima - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/6/2014
    I accidently put my 2013 Kia Optima in Reverse, while I was driving in low speeds below 50mph. Did it take damage?
    I stopped, and pulled over to test out the gears. D, N, R, & P all function well still. I popped the hood to see if there is any burning smell. I didnt smell nothing and the. car still functions well. My car only has 14,950 miles since I got it off the dealer.. im ...
    • CTB1053
      8/6/2014 CTB1053
      With that new of a car the computer should not have allowed the transmission to engage in reverse gear if the car was moving forward. There are safeguards built in to protect the car from that happening.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2013 Kia Optima - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/4/2014
    I accidently put my 2013 Kia Optima in Reverse, while I was driving in low speeds below 50mph. Did it take damage?
    I stopped, and pulled over to test out the gears. D, N, R, & P all function well still. I popped the hood to see if there is any burning smell. I didnt smell nothing and the. car still functions well. My car only has 14,950 miles since I got it off the dealer.. im ...
    • Chevy doctor
      8/4/2014 Chevy doctor
      Did it make any kind of weird noises when it happened..
      Chevy doctor
      8/4/2014 AutoMD Member
      No, no wierd noise. I just got back from a small trip to da store, and the car was functioning well...
    • Chevy doctor
      8/4/2014 Chevy doctor
      Most newer transmissions have a override protection inside so you don't do damage or grenade transmission. Wouldn't worry if there were no unusual noises that occurred when you accidently selected wrong gear.
      Chevy doctor
      8/4/2014 AutoMD Member
      Thanks for the help
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2010 Kia Forte - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/12/2014
    My car wont go faster than 5 mph, when I step on the gas there is no acceleration
    engine light is on transmission oil has never been changed
    • FloridaTech
      7/12/2014 FloridaTech
      See what the code is for. It is possible that the accelerator pedal position sensor located in the accelerator pedal assembly could have gone bad. Report back with codes and mileage.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2006 Kia Rio - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 3/30/2014
    New front wheel bearing...
    just had new front wheel bearing pressed in at napa,when we try to slide it in will not go but flip it over hub side first backwards it slides right in,could the center spline part have been pressed in wrong??
    • Jimm
      3/30/2014 Jimm
      Check the lead-in edges on the axle shaft spline, and on the hub bearing spline - be sure there are no raised surfaces or damage.

      Deburr (carefully) the leading chamfer edges for both parts and to insure the splines will mesh together - using a fine grade file and crocus cloth. This may require several attempts - be sure to use patience with the deburring - just enough to achieve a slip fit.
    • HouseCallAuto
      3/30/2014 HouseCallAuto
      Or use the axle spline itself to "push" through the slight damage at the beginning splines when you slide the hub on backwards. This might be quicker than filing and trial and error. If the axle is able to engage the hub backwards for like an inch or almost an inch and then it stops, a small hammer with careful stikes will "clean up" the damaged spline. Been there done that.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2006 Kia Rio - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 3/30/2014
    Can a wheel bearing spline center be pressed in wrong?
    i had a new front wheel bearing pressed in,when we go to install it,dose not go on axle but if we flip it over hub side first it slips right on??could the center spline part of the bearing been put in wrong??
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2002 Kia Optima - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/26/2013
    Transmission slipping
    Automatic Transmission: While driving down hill take foot off of brake and put on gas - car drove like it was in neutral. I slowed down and manually put car into 1st 2nd 3rd - then to drive and car shifted fine. Has twice happened to me.
    • Jimm
      12/26/2013 Jimm
      First step - check and refill the transmission fluid level as necessary. Once the fluid level is OK, check the condition. If still 'slipping' then time for further testing, up to and including transmission rebuild or replacement
      12/26/2013 AutoMD Member
      Transmission fluid level was fine. Some people are telling me to have the transmission fluid changed and flushed (I bought the vehicle used - the fluid has NEVER been changed); while others say this will only cause me problems as the vehicle has 200K miles.
    • Jimm
      12/26/2013 Jimm
      The transmission fluid and filter should be changed - even if never done previously. It is a gamble - there may be no problems. However, if the fluid and filter is not changed at some point, then you can bet the transmission will not last.
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/26/2013 HouseCallAuto
      The transmission is not going to fix itself with the slipping going on. It already has a problem. Occasional slipping is not an acceptable situation so you have to do something. The worst that can happen is the fluid and filter change either helps it or makes it worse. I vote to change the fluid and filter because if you don't and you just end up spending $1800 to have the tranny rebuilt you will always wonder whether you could have avoided that expenditure because you didn't try.
      12/26/2013 AutoMD Member
      According to the Kia service dept., this make and model does not have a "changeable" transmission filter - it is the wire type that is internal. Does this sound correct to you? Also, I have been told to use Mopar 7176 or ATF + IV transmission fluid INSTEAD of the cheaper/regular transmission fluid - is this correct?