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  • AL
    AL - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 11/22/2010
    How do you check fluids in rear axle?
    What type of doping do I use?
    • Solid Snake
      11/22/2010 Solid Snake
      Wow doping, last time i heard that was during the olympics :) anyway, i believe you are reffering to the diff?

      Its located under the middle part of your vehicle, in between the 2 rear wheels, and is circular in shape. There are axles (metal shafts) coming out of both sides of the differential that connect to each rear wheel. Jack up both the front and back of the car and support the car using four jack stands. The front and back of the car must be level in order to check the differential gear oil. Locate the bolt on the side of the differential. It will be facing toward the back of the car. Choose a wrench or socket that fits the bolt and turn counterclockwise to loosen it. Remove it slowly. The gear oil should be level with the bolt hole - it should dribble out, or you can reach in and check the level with your finger. Add 90-weight gear oil if the level is low. It must be pumped into the differential. There are small pumps that attach to these plastic oil bottles.
  • porkandcheese
    porkandcheese - 1992 Jeep Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 11/18/2010
    When replacing my ball joints should i replace my control arms?
    i need to replace my ball joints when i do will it stabilize my tires because i get the shakes when i hit a pot hole when turning
  • porkandcheese
    porkandcheese - 1992 Jeep Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 11/18/2010
    When changing my balls joints should i replace my control arms?
    • George
      11/18/2010 George
      nope, you can replace just the ball joints. check it @
  • kweltz
    kweltz - 1993 Jeep Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 11/9/2010
    When turning steering wheel, it like grabs and wont move unless you pull on wheel like not haveing power steering, and
    steering wheel won't come back on it's own. steering box has been replaced. help!
      11/9/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Did you check the condition of power steering fluid already? It's maybe low or contaminated. Check for obvious leak on its hose and pump. If leak is none, possibly your power steering pump is failing. Check the accessory belt if has a crack or worn; replace if necessary. When the last time you've changed the fluid? Normally it was changed every 5 years or 100,000 miles. To replace it the fluid you can click the link for sample procedure.
  • TUNA
    TUNA - 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 11/5/2010
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/5/2010 HouseCallAuto
      If you turn the ignition key from off to just the "on" position with all doors closed all quiet, do you hear the fuel pump turn on and run for two seconds and then stop? It should and if you hear it then that means that the cause is likely to be a bad crankshaft position sensor or a distributor pickup plate. I would do the distributor pickup because it is easy compared to the crank sensor. If you were able to identify the fault codes stored in the PCM you would know which one is the cause cause they each have there own code.
  • Chip
    Chip - 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer - Steering & Suspension - 11/2/2010
    Which bolt(s) do I need to loosen in order to tighten my power steering belt?
    I realize there is a pivot bolt at the lower left hand side but is there another bolt that must also be loosened?
    • Black Ops
      11/2/2010 Black Ops
      Im asuming you want to loosen everything because based on your question, you cannot loosen something to tighten something hehehehehe :)

      Aside from the pivot bolt, you have to loosen the adjusting and mounting bolts on the front face of the steeringh pump cover plate (hub side)

      Then, pivot the power sterring pump inward and remove the belt

      to install

      holding the pump in place, tighten the adjusting arm and the mounting bolts

      Black Ops
      11/3/2010 Chip
      Very well put! Thanks so much for the directions and I even enjoyed the humor.
  • Cflindor
    Cflindor - 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/28/2010
    Why do I get like a groaning noise when I turn
    When i do wide turns my car groans and it sounds like it is coming from the back. And in addition when I go above 55mph as soon as i take my foot off the accelerator my car whistles
      10/28/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Check the condition of your power steering fluid could be low. Add fluid as needed. If truly you suspects that the noise may come from the back; have your vehicle raised and inspect the attachment and connections underneath (exhaust hangers, spare tire holder). The whistling noise can be cause of a vacuum air inlet hose leak in your air intake assembly.
  • extra
    • Bobby
      10/25/2010 Bobby
      no they shouldn't wear out that fast. this car only has 30,000 what warranty came with the vehicle? How do you know the control arm needs to be replaced? what happened to the vehicle? and who replaced the ball joints?
      10/26/2010 extra
      firestone replaced the balljoints and Thompsons said that i need lower control arm bushing
  • Roslyn Langer
    Roslyn Langer - 1998 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) - Steering & Suspension - 10/21/2010
    My steering has a lot of play
    My steering has a lot of play, you have to constantly correct steering to stay on road or you would just wander off into another lane on the road
    • Tifosi
      10/21/2010 Tifosi
      When was the last time you have aligned your Jeep? Because i have a strong feeling that is what you need.
    • yboy82
      10/21/2010 yboy82
      It is normally caused by worn idler arm, worn ball socket or too much clearance in your steering gearbox. Perform a dry- park test to check for play in the steering linkage or rack and pinion mechanism, with the full weight of the vehicle on the front wheels, have someone move your steering wheel from side to side while you check/examine the steering system for looseness. Start checking at your steering column shaft and work your way to your tie rod ends. Make sure that the movement of one component causes an equal amount of movement of the adjacent component.
  • Joe
    Joe - 1993 Jeep Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/18/2010
    Is there a shock or strut inside of the front coil spring on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport?
    I was looking to buy this vehicle, as I was looking at it i noticed it will need shocks front and rear. On review of the front suspension I noticed where the lower mount on the driver's side for the coil spring was intact but I wasn't sure if it had an additional ...
  • Gary Brizendine
    Gary Brizendine - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/17/2010
    The steering in my jeep has gotten really sloppy. Would changing the power steering gearbox clean up all the play?
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/17/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Replace the track bar first. Long bar that goes from the chassis to the front axle. Gets worn and steering suffers badly.
  • tonya
    tonya - 1989 Jeep Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/16/2010
    My engine dies when i turn the wheel all the way
    it happens whether it is cold or warm, and while i am driving, it occurs everytime i turn the steering wheel all the way.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      It is possible that when you turn one of the wires in your harness inside/attached to your steering column. If possible check remove your steering column cover and check the wires.
  • jeannie
    jeannie - 1988 Jeep Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/14/2010
    Front drivers tire will bounce uncontrollably when i go over a bump etc,. and if i go over 35 miles per hr
    i check to see if wheel bearings were wore out but they are good,
    • Ryan D
      10/14/2010 Ryan D
      Sounds like your ball joints need to be replaced, have it checked immediately, this can be very dangerous, and your wheel could snap right off the car.
      Ryan D
      10/14/2010 jeannie
      thank you very much, i'll take it in asap-jeannie
  • Saulius
    Saulius - 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/13/2010
    Hello, there is general question for my, did you ship parts to Lithuania? Thanks.
    Please replay me to email [email protected]
  • lamac2
    lamac2 - 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/13/2010
    Remove steering wheel from a jeep grand cherokee laredo
    the wheel puller will not take it off. Is there a lock ring or something else holding it