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  • savacoolr
    savacoolr - 1988 Jeep Wagoneer - Brakes - 7/22/2012
    Shouldnt the pedal at least pump up even if I havnt bled the system?
    I could hear an air leak when the brake pedal was pushed and the pedal was low so I replaced the booster and master cyl. Now the pedal goes to the floor and wont even pump up with the moter on or off.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/21/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Absolutely not, you have to get the air out. I have a feeling your cause was not the master.
    • olds40316mm
      7/22/2012 olds40316mm
      First of all did you bench bleed the master cylinder be for you installed it ? Thats where you put it in a vise .fill the resivore attach the hoses to the line outlets and put the hoses in the resivore held under the fluid and then using a screw driver and pump the piston till all the air is out of the master cylinder before mounting.
  • Bob
    Bob - 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 7/19/2012
    Why does the front end shake on my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee when braking above 65 MPH?
    Smooth braking below 65 MPH.
    • EG9 K20A3
      4/17/2012 EG9 K20A3
      here isn't a whole lot left to try I wish I could drive it and feel the vibration that would help a lot but does the car make a lot of noise when it happens like possibly a droaning noise if you don't feel it in the steering wheel then we can probably rule out he steering rack, I see that axles were done and rotors and drums brakes but has anyone taken a good look at the wheel bearings Its kind of a long shot but it looks like just about everything else has been done the fact that it is speed related really makes me think about something with the wheels and may be if one of the wheel bearings is loose enough it might start vibrating

      - Rick
    • Hometyre
      7/19/2012 Hometyre

      The problem could be warped discs, have had this on my jeep (needs another set) and is a known problem.
  • MurphyGirl
    MurphyGirl - 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 7/18/2012
    Rear wheel barrings how to take out
    • skol788
      7/18/2012 skol788
      if i am not mistaken, you would have to drop the fuel tank, to get to the rear dif. and there is a little c clamp that holds the axels in place. then you have to cut the old bearings out and press on the new ones. I did this on a 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee but on that there was no need to get into the rear diff, just undid all the brake hardware and attatched a slide hammer to pull the axel out. dont have a press so brought it to a local shop.
  • kevin
    kevin - 2001 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) - Brakes - 7/15/2012
    My back brakes only work in 4 wheel drive.
    150000 miles.Put new brakes and wheel cylinders on
    • jeepguyracing
      7/15/2012 jeepguyracing
      There is no reason for them to only work in four wheel.How did you determin this?
      7/15/2012 kevin
      the back brakes do not work.I put all new parts on that has to do with the braking system.when i put it in 4 wheel drive the back brakes work.
      9/27/2012 kevin
      I put my jeep on the lift.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/15/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Nope, start over with details and your reasoning for this.
      7/15/2012 kevin
      I put all new parts on and still the back brakes only work in 4 wheel drive.
      7/15/2012 HouseCallAuto
      That is not an answer to your reasoning. Tell me how you know the rear brakes do not work when the vehicle is in 4 WD. Did you jack up the rear wheels and do a testy of some kind? How do you know? Details......
      9/27/2012 kevin
      I put all new brakes and brake parts on.I put my jeep on the lift and checked everything.
  • quick492
    quick492 - 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 7/11/2012
    How to replace a four wheel drive switch
    • jeepguyracing
      7/11/2012 jeepguyracing
      What do you mean by switch?on the trans or inside the vehicle?
  • Jorge
    Jorge - 1984 Jeep CJ7 - Brakes - 7/6/2012
    Why is my parking brake not working properly? I just switched out the parking brake and adjusted the e-brake line.
    Sx: does not brake at all and my brake pedal when I brake feel low, I had recently replaced everyhting on the 4 wheels including the E-brake line. Overall they are not working as they should most evident is the e-brake.
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  • Danny
    Danny - 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 7/4/2012
    I had my front pads replace but i notice that every time i go over bump , i hear a rattle noise coming from the brakes ,
    but when i applied the the brakes going over bumps the noise goes away .
    • Jimm
      7/4/2012 Jimm
      Sounds like the anti-rattle clips or anti-rattle gel / paste was not installed or applied to the disc brake metal backing plate prior to the disc pad installation. The brake calipers and the disc pads will have to be removed in order to fix the problem.
      Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for details and steps for this task - this is an easy job. If the repair work is still under a repair warranty, then my suggestion would be to have repair shop correct the problem.
      7/4/2012 Danny
  • Bueso
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/26/2012 HouseCallAuto
      You have a warped front rotor. Replace the brake pads and front rotors.
      6/27/2012 Bueso
      thank you for the information will do that will keep you posted.
  • John
    John - 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 6/26/2012
    Right rear brake caliper is sticking making pads drag on rotor. Replaced caliper but new one does the same.
    Have bled brakes repeatedly but does not seem to do any good. What causes this?
    • Chris @ Motech
      6/26/2012 Chris @ Motech
      It is possible the pads have worn divots in the softer iron of the caliper brackets causing the pads to stick. You can try filing the divots out and lube the contact points with brake lube, replace the bracket or find some stainless steel "slider savers". Most pads come with stainless clips that fit over the pad sliders to stop this from happening.
  • Isaiah Carrera
    Isaiah Carrera - 1984 Jeep CJ7 - Brakes - 6/16/2012
    Noticed the other day on 1984 jeep cj7 that the brakes went down all the way to the floor, what could be the cause?
    Brake pedal to the floor.
    • jlofwash
      6/16/2012 jlofwash
      1-leaking brake line(check 4 wet areas by wheels) 2-no brake fluid( check fluid level in master cycinder)
      3- internal leak in master cyclinder
  • BonnieB
    BonnieB - 2006 Jeep Liberty - Brakes - 6/11/2012
    My2006 Jeep Liberty Sport brakes makes a noise when you turn the wheel to the left.
    When you turn the wheel back to the right you don't hear the squiler. Do I need brake pads replaced on the front?
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  • monty
    monty - 1989 Jeep Cherokee - Brakes - 6/11/2012
    I have replaced all my brake parts imcluding master cylinder, vacuume booster and still don't have eny brakes
    vehicle will stop but petal goes to floor
    • Jimm
      6/11/2012 Jimm
      Make sure the residual air is properly bled from the brake master cylinder - before installing (bench bleed). Also, be sure to properly bleed all the residual air from all four wheels after the master cylinder is installed.

      Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on this website for more specific instructions forhow to bleed the brakes.

      Once the brakes are properly bled (solid pedal) then check for any leaking fluid in the system.
  • Jeep1995
    Jeep1995 - 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 6/8/2012
    1995 Grand Cherokee Laredo Front brakes drag only on rides over 45 min to an Hour
    The first time this happened was after I had new front pads put on. Both front brakes started smoking. I pulled over to cool down, and called mechanic. After cool, I returned to mechanic, He checked everything out, calipers and cylinder were in good working order. ...
    • Ray
      6/8/2012 Ray
      Were the brake rotors machined or replaced?
      6/8/2012 Jeep1995
      Brand new rotors.
  • inosencio martinez
    inosencio martinez - 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 6/4/2012
    Brakes sof pedal goint dawn an bery soft
  • magillu
    magillu - 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 6/2/2012
    Brakes affected by stereo, etc?
    While driving I noticed my JGC seemed a little sluggish and the engine seemed to be working harder than usual to maintain the desired speed. Upon pulling into a parking lot I noticed smoke coming from the left rear wheel/brake. Quickly assessing the owners manual, ...
    • raoul_tiesto
      6/2/2012 raoul_tiesto
      I never heard that before.I think that u have a seized wheel caliper on left rear.
      6/5/2012 magillu
      Thank you for your input. After being gone for the weekend (and not driving the car) the situation has appeared to have resolved itself (at least for now). I took off the wheel and carefully used a flathead screwdriver to ensure the brake pad wasn't frozen against the rotor. Everything seems to be functioning correctly for now. Thanks again for you input; it is greatly appreciated.