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  • marcial
    marcial - 1996 Jeep Cherokee - Brakes - 12/5/2010
    How do you torque a spindle nut
    I'm working on my jeep in my garage. I've replaced the front bearing on my jeep. I need to know how to torgue the bearing and if this is something I can do in my garage?
      marcial put the nut on by hand and snug the nut till it meets the washers to the bearing when it is snug take a pair of channel lock pillars and turn nut while you turn rotor with your other hand till you start to feel the rotor grab just a hair and stop that should do it then put the cotter pin back in..............
    • yboy82
      12/2/2010 yboy82
      If your vehicle is 2WD
      You should position the hub and rotor on the spindle and install the outer bearing. And then install the washer and nut. While turning the rotor, tighten the nut to 25 ft. lbs. (34 Nm) to seat the bearings. And then back the nut off 1⁄2 a turn. While turning the rotor, tighten the nut to 19 inch lbs. (2 Nm). And then install the nut cap and a new cotter pin

    • HouseCallAuto
      12/2/2010 HouseCallAuto
      I am thinking that your Cherokee is 4WD and that you just replaced the hub bearing assembly and now the large diameter retaining nut you want to torque to a spec, is that correct?
    • Jamal
      12/5/2010 Jamal
      If your jeep is a 4WD, then
      1. You can insert a large screw driver in the yoke of the drive shaft so that to prevent it from turning.
      2. You can tighten the nut to the specified torque.
  • wheelsnm
    • RC
      4/1/2010 RC
      Did the pads come with backing plates?

      Make sure all the clips were installed. Chamfer the ends of the pads. Turn (machine) the rotors...
    • Charlie's Automotive
      get the rotors resurfaced and make sure the calipers are clean and greased where the pads slide. Also, put some vibration dampener on the back of the pads (CRC makes some good stuff).
    • jeepguyracing
      4/4/2010 jeepguyracing
      did you put any rtv silicone on the back of the pads where the caliper pistons touch the pad backing plate?
    • flyboy121
      11/27/2010 flyboy121
      Sometimes all it takes is to drive slowly while you push and hold the break pedal...some new pads have a film on them that needs to wear off....this mainly happens on hi-dollar ceramic pads...
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/27/2010 HouseCallAuto
      If you cannot completely remedy the squeal with the above accurate suggestions install dealer pads and that will solve it.
  • steven
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/24/2010 HouseCallAuto
      2000 jeep what model? If you mean they are both Grand Cherokee then yes they are the same. If just Cherokee they are different.
    • Autobahn
      11/24/2010 Autobahn
      Although the website says it won't, I can't find any reason why they can't be interchanged, the 99 and 00 belong to the WJ family. Anyway, why give yourself a hard time in figuring it out, just buy the ones for your vehicle the price difference isn't really an issue.
  • meschmitz
    meschmitz - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 11/24/2010
    What is the proper air gap for the abs wheel speed sensors? Front and rear.
      11/24/2010 KINGS SERVICES
      their is no adjustment on them just push them in and bolt them down easy or they will break their plastic. just like the other guys answer before me. thanks
  • Auric Avila
    Auric Avila - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 11/21/2010
    Why are my front brakes still grinding?
    I replaced the driver and passenger side rotors and brakes pads and they work fine.. then I had a water pump go out at work so had a friend chain tow me 20 miles home now my brakes sound like there grinding really bad...I pulled them off and there is no excessive ...
    • mopar
      11/21/2010 mopar
      i'd check your dust might of distorted them putting on new rotors
      11/28/2010 Auric Avila
      I don't have dust shields...they're after market wheels...thanks though
  • dude
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  • John
    John - 2003 Jeep Liberty - Brakes - 11/4/2010
    Noise coming from front brakes when pedal is applied.
    As the brakes are applied I heard a pulsing noise I believe is coming from the disks. The rotors were turned last summer and break pads were replaced. Am I looking at caliper problems now?
    • carmando0
      11/4/2010 carmando0
      how many miles did you drive?? many reasons why this happened. back brakes not working therefore all or most of the work done by the front and they overheated and warped. Braking style city driving hard braking etc. pad or rotor need replaced
    • John
      11/4/2010 John
      Since the front rotors were turned, I've driven about 10,000 miles on the vehicle. Sometimes I hear noise from the wheels that will stop when the brakes are applied. The noise stops when the vehicle slows to a stop. That's why I think it might be the calipers sticking.
  • knewlink
    knewlink - 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 10/25/2010
    How do you remove the rear brake rotor
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/25/2010 HouseCallAuto
      After removing the caliper, remove the oring securing the rotor in place, if the rotor is not moving, smack the rotor with a big hammer after some penetrating oil at the hub and studs. Nothing else but rust is holding it.
    • Bobby
      10/25/2010 Bobby
      first raise and secure the vehicle. next you'll want to remove the rear tires. next you will need to remove the rear caliper and move to the side do not allow to hang by hose you should us a bungy or something to hold the caliper up. Once the caliper is off there may be a bracket that needs to be removed that was holding the caliper in place if there is remove that if not then it is time to remove the brake rotor, there may be lock tabs on the lug nuts that hold the rotor in place if there are remove these soetimes they are difficutl and might have to be cut off using a pair of cutting dikes. once they are off the rotor then needs to be pulled off, the emergency brak is part of the brake rotor being the rotor is a rotor and drum as one and there will be a set of brakes inside the back side of the rear rotor, so you might have to wiggle and spin to get the rotor off.
  • sierraj143
    sierraj143 - 2006 Jeep Commander - Brakes - 10/20/2010
    When going slow the back rear tire makes a clikcking noise, not all the time but when it does it it is for 2 days and th
    only when going slow and when temp drops to cool.
      10/20/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Inspect your rear shocks and struts if it is the cause. Shocks are built with hydraulic dampening valves much like struts and can fail causing a clicking noise. If shock or strut oil is leaking the shaft seal has failed and will cause a rattle or clicking noise.
  • kc
    kc - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 10/19/2010
    My abs break light stays on all the time. What can it be. Thank you
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Do you feel anything wrong with your brakes? If none and only the ABS light is on, nothing to worry much, but it is best to bring it to dealership to check and rectify the fault.
    • Sarah
      10/19/2010 Sarah
      I have the exact same make and model of Jeep and mine goes on and off all the time. I've learned that if there is rust on the underbody of the vehicle it will sometimes fall into the sensor and cause the light to come on.
  • Paul
    • Tifosi
      10/17/2010 Tifosi
      Moved your answers here so he will be notified via email

      check the fuse first, if thats good then check your brake switch, just did mine today, it only takes about 2 mins tops, look up near ur brake pedal, when u look up there an push on the pedal an u will c the switch easy

      What if its neither one of those options?? What if all the bulbs are good and the brake switch has been replaced and still the tail lights turn on but when applied pressure to the brake the brake does not illuminate?? Have third light working but not the driver nor passenger side??
  • crivero
    crivero - 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 10/8/2010
    Changed rotors and claipers and hose but the brakes smokes after about 2 miles
    • Pave Low
      10/8/2010 Pave Low
      It may be because of stuck caliper or improperly placed pads. Do you feel any resistance whenever you are moving? How are your ABS speed sensors holding up?
  • Carl V.
    Carl V. - 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 10/8/2010
    How do i disengage my emergency brake it is locked on?
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