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  • acer520
    acer520 - 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Body & Interior - 9/30/2010
    Car door problem won't stay shut
    car door will not stay shut. daughter at college & reports she thinks the receiver in the door is loose & not engaging
  • Kate
    Kate - 1993 Jeep Wrangler (YJ) - Body & Interior - 9/29/2010
    What should i buy to add a good quality sound system in my jeep??
    it currently has no sound system in it once so ever so im not sure where to start or begin.
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  • austin  13
    austin 13 - 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Body & Interior - 9/28/2010
    Why does my passenger window and door locks not work?
    my windows on the passenger side does not roll down and the automatic door locks does not work on that side, it happens all the time, no warning lights are on
    • Pave Low
      9/28/2010 Pave Low
      For the door locks, do you hear the lock trying to go up? Or no sound at all? If you hear the lock mechanism trying to go up but it doesnt, then it is stuck, removing the door panel is needed. Now if you cant hear the mechanism at all then its a wiring problem, you have to do the same steps in trouble shooting the power window.

      Always check the fuse first before you do the dirty job (ok a little bit dirty) of replacing stuff in your car

      The most likely causes of this would be a faulty switch, a bad power window motor, a fault in the wiring circuit between the door switch and the door motor, or a wiring fault in the motor power or ground circuit.

      To diagnose this kind of fault, start with the switch. Many power window door switches simply pry out of their fixtures in the door panel. Using a flathead screwdrivr to slip under one edge of the switch, then gently pry up to loosen the switch. If the switch doesn’t budge, it will probably be necessary to remove the door panel to check it. (I know its kinda tedious).

      Once the switch is out, or the door panel loose so you can get to the wiring under it, use a voltmeter to check for voltage at the switch when the ignition is on. No voltage? Then the fault is in the power supply circuit wiring or a wiring connector somewhere between the fuse panel and the door switch.

      If the switch is reciving voltage, but the door motor does not do squat when the switch is pressed, the problem could be a bad switch or a bad power window motor. Use a fused jumper wire to bypass the switch and route power directly to the motor. If the window now moves, the problem is a bad switch. Replace the switch. If the motor does nothing, the problem is a bad motor. Replace the power window motor. (Ka-ching Ka-ching)

      If there is no voltage to the switch, the problem may be a broken wire in the bundle of wires that pass between the door and door jam. This wiring bundle undergoes a lot of flexing every time the door is opened and closed, and it is not unusual for wires to break or short out in this area. Open the door and visually inspect the wiring harness that goes between the door and door jam for chaffing or signs of damage. Try wiggling the harness while pressing the power window switch (key on) to see if the window works or works intermittently (which would tell you the fault is in this area).

      If you hear motor noise (humming or buzzing) from inside the door, but the window does not move when you press the switch, the problem is not the switch, motor or wiring. The problem is a broken window mechanism inside the door.

      Some power windows use a scissors linkage with a crank mechanism to raise and lower the window. If the linkage is rusty, jammed or broken, it can prevent the window from moving and/or cause it to stick (up or down).

      Other power windows use a plastic chain or strip to raise and lower the window linkage. Over time the plastic window drive becomes brittle, and cracks or breaks. This prevents the window from working. This type of failure often happens during cold weather, especially if ice has frozen the window shut and the motor tries to force it open. The fix is to remove the inner door panel and replace the broken plastic chain or drive strip.

      Some windows use a steel cable to raise and lower the window. If the cable breaks or the drive mechanism inside the motor strips, the window can fail to move. With this type of setup, you usually have to replace the entire window regulator mechanism. Same for gear drive regulators.

      If the window lowered fine, but fails to come back up, it may be off the track inside the door. This will require removing the door panel to see if the window tracks or guide bushings are broken.
  • Jerry
    Jerry - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Body & Interior - 9/28/2010
    Rear lift gate door warning light continuously comes on?
    Rear lift gate door warning light stays on even though the lift gate door is completly shut close.What do I need to do to since the door is shut, to permanently disconnect the warning light(location of sensor).I removed the panel cover on the lift door,but can't ...
    • Pave Low
      9/28/2010 Pave Low
      Once you removed the panel cover did you see the plunger? If i was having a problem in finding the sensor, i would just cut the wires leading to the plunger.
      Pave Low
      9/28/2010 Jerry
      Thanks for the information,although I did'nt know about or even notice the plunger,I will remove the panel again and try and locate the plunger and cut the wire.Is there a specific area on the lift gate door where that plunger might be,it would be very helpful .Really do appreciate the information and just want to say many "THANKS",Jerry(Tx.).
  • Donny
    • Ray
      9/27/2010 Ray
      If it's not engine coolant, then It could be a clogged A/C evaporator drain hose.
  • Alferes Geary
    Alferes Geary - 1987 Jeep Wrangler (YJ) - Body & Interior - 9/26/2010
    What is wrong with my fuel gauge it is always on full
    • mopar
      9/26/2010 mopar
      sounds like your float is sticking
  • golfgolf
    golfgolf - 2010 Jeep Wrangler (JK) - Body & Interior - 9/25/2010
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  • Billy
    Billy - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Body & Interior - 9/24/2010
    The power windows and door locks doesnt work from the driverside control
    • vince^_^
      9/24/2010 vince^_^
      It is possible that the switch in the driver side is defective or the connector is loose or disconnected. Try to remove your door panel and check the condition of your switch.
  • mlight
    mlight - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Body & Interior - 9/23/2010
    Water in passenger floor from a/c
    • vince^_^
      9/23/2010 vince^_^
      It is possible that the drain hose of your evaporator is clogged or missing (if it is water but if it is coolant that’s another story). Check the condition of your evaporator hose.
    KERNNEL - 1982 Jeep CJ7 - Body & Interior - 9/23/2010
    How do i install fuel and mph gauges after they was completely gutted from vehicle? where do the cables run andanywires
    20,000 miles fuel and mph gauges gutted and need to know how to re-install them completely.
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    KERNNEL - 1982 Jeep CJ7 - Body & Interior - 9/23/2010
    Installation for a fuel gage? installation for a speedometer? need to know all the details on how to please.
    this is an old school 4x4 it was all gutted with all 4x4 overhaul done to it as of lift and suspension rebuilt engine and rebuilt auto trans all original mostly .
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  • dustinschmidty
    dustinschmidty - 2001 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) - Body & Interior - 9/23/2010
    Is it possible to mount a 5 point seatbelt into a 2001 Jeep Wrangler?
    my jeep is stock and does not have anything extra.
    • DrkShdw983
      9/23/2010 DrkShdw983
      Sure... but you'll need to take the rear seat out and add a roll bar. The 5 point harness has to go more or less straight back once it hits the top of the seat and bolt to something solid (usually a roll bar).
  • Kaboom
    Kaboom - 1995 Jeep Cherokee - Body & Interior - 9/23/2010
    Why do do I feel heat inside the jeep after running 45 min
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  • nlg
  • cstribling1
    cstribling1 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Body & Interior - 9/22/2010
    Where can I get glass to replace right side mirror?
    • rick
      9/21/2010 rick
      at almost any glass shop just take a piece of cardboard and make a pattern the same size as the mirror bring it to them and they will cut it
    • Matt
      9/22/2010 Matt
      I replaced mine recently. If you have heated mirrors you will need to buy the part from your local Chrysler parts dealer. Mine was heated and was very easy to unplug and pop the new one into place. I think it was like $30.00.